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The Arch Method

No description

Ryan Dunnells

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of The Arch Method

An attack method for AP Language & Composition Analysis Free-Response Prompts The Arch Method When looking at an AP free-response prompt, we almost always find that it's based around a two-part question...
Part 2 The Arch Method Part 1 "What is the author doing?" "How is he/she doing it?" A systematic approach to breaking down the prompt into its key parts so that you can address the prompt directly and coherently. Consider the following prompt:
"The passage below is from an autobiography. After reading the passage carefully, write an essay analyzing how the author uses juxtaposition of ideas, choice of details, and other aspects of style to reveal the kind of person she is." The "What"... What kind of person is she? Your thesis will answer this question... The "Hows"... From the prompt:
"juxtaposition of ideas"
"choice of details" From your own observations:
Point of View
Repetition of Key Phrases Linking the "How" to the "What" Creates commentary by using such words and phrases as:
"in order to"
"results in"
"creates suspense" As you read, jot down notes and thoughts about what kind of person she is below the arch... For example... The author repeats key phrases in order to emphasize her struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder...
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