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El Nuevo Houdini

No description

Natasha Bhati

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of El Nuevo Houdini

El Nuevo Houdini
El Nuevo Houdini is about a boy named Brandon Brown and his parents are going on vacations to Hawaii. His parents tell him that his grandma has to stay with Brandon Brown because his sister cannot stay with him. When his parents go to the airport, Brandon calls his friend Jake and Jake has an idea. Jake says to Brandon that he should cut the cables to the Buick (the family car), so that he can drive the T-bird (the T-bird is Brandon’s dad’s car).When he does this his grandma says that he has to drive the T-bird in order to get to school. Jamie, a girl from school, sees the car and says to Brandon that she and him could go to Mcdonalds. Soon after those events the T-bird gets scratched and hit. This makes Brandon very nervous so he tries to get the car repaired and get blue marker to fix the scratch. Will Brandon get the scratch out before his parents come?

I think the theme of this book is Honesty is the best policy because you can inference that Brandon will get in trouble with is parents sooner of later.

Hope you enjoyed this presentation!
Brandon cuts the cables to the Buick.

Brandon goes to school with the T-bird.
Brandon takes Jamie to McDonalds and Jamie spills ketchup all over the seats of the T-bird.
Brandon cleans up the seats with vinegar.
Brandon goes to a cafe with Jamie in the morning and another car hits there car while backing the car.
Brandon sees a scratch on the car and repairs it with a blue marker.

Brandon and Jamie go to a mexican restaurant, but they did not eat anything because Brandon sees his grandma.
Brandon left the keys in the car and it is raining outside, Jamie calls the people that opens doors and the person came and made a scratch on the door.
Brandon calls the people that repairs scratches and repairs the scratch.
Brandon and Jamie then go to a party and Brandon lets Jamie drive the car.
When Jamie drives the car the is a flash and Brandon wonders what is that.
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