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What is a Commissioner

A Big Rock Template for District Roundtable

on 11 October 2017

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Transcript of What is a Commissioner

What is a Commissioner
11 October, 2017
The Sense of belonging to a group
Patrol Leaders' Council
Summary of Session One
20 Questions - What is a Commissioner
1) What Distinguishes the Commissioner position from other volunteer Scouting positions?
It is the only volunteer position in Scouting that requires commissioning. The only other commissioned positions are for professionals who help deliver Scouting. All commissioners wear the wreath of service, also known as a position patch, as part of their badge of office. This tradition dates from the earliest days of Scouting’s history.
2) What Scouters are eligible to wear the Arrowhead Honor on their uniform?
Answer: Any commissioner who has completed the requirements and is currently serving in a commissioner position. If you are dual registered in positions in Scouting, you only wear the Arrowhead Honor with the commissioner badge of office.
3) What are the three types of commissioners and their primary roles?
Administrative commissioners
(council, assistant council, district, assistant district) are primarily responsible for recruiting, training, guiding, and evaluating the commissioner staff.
Unit commissioners
coach and mentor to ensure unit success.
Roundtable commissioners
provide resources such as program skills and other help for unit personnel at regularly scheduled roundtables.
5) Who represents all of the uniformed Scouter in the Council?
The Council Commissioner.
6) Who is the liason between the local council and the unit?
The Unit Commissioner.
4) Which Scouter meetings are uniform meetings?
All commissioner meetings.
7) True or False: The commissioner's specific mission is to keep units operating at maximum efficiency so that they can deliver a good program to a growing youth membership.
8) Who recruits, trains, and directs the team of commissioners to assure all packs, troops, teams, and crews (and ships) in the district have quality program to keep youth in the Scouting program?
The district commissioner.
9) True or False: The only reason for having commissioners is to help units succeed.

10) True or False: There is only one service to a unit that is constant - and that is the friendly, personal help given by a commissioner.
11) True or False: It is OK for commissioners to be registered as unit key leaders.
False. It is generally recommended that commissioners do not dual register as key leaders in a unit. They may, and often do, register in a unit as another unit committee member or assistant leader.
12) True or False: Unit commissioners operate by persuasion rather than legislation.
13) True or False: The unit commissioner reports the strengths and needs of their units on Commissioner Tools.
14) Which commissioner supports timely charter renewal?
The Unit Commissioner.
15) What training must a Scouter have taken to be considered a commissioner?
Youth Protection Training, commissioner-specific training, and prescribed orientation for their position.
16) Which two commissioners have the most direct contact with the unit?
The unit commissioner and the roundtable commissioner (roundtable team).
17) Which commissioner is considered a friend, doctor, teacher, and counselor of the unit?
The unit commissioner. The commissioner is also a representative of the Boy Scouts of America.
18) Which commissioner aids the unit in completing their JTE and encourages them to "go for the GOLD".
The unit commissioner.
19) Which commissioner has all the Scouting answers?
None of them do, but they will recommend where to find the answer.
20) Do you know the name of your unit commissioner?
If yes, please stand.
Bonus: Has your unit had contact with the unit commissioner (visiting the unit, electronic means, or conversation at roundtable) within the past month?
If yes, please stand.
If you answered 80 percent or more of these questions correctly, great! If you did not, then hopefully after this, presentation, you will have a better understanding of the commissioner team.
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