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HANA Breakout Session

HANA Breakout Session

Riley Roberts

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of HANA Breakout Session

What are customers saying?
HANA Workshop
Diagnosing the Supply Chain
Delivered a demand planning optimization roadmap which included a ‘best in class’ demand management process for overseas procured products resulting in a 15% improvement in forecast accuracy.
Nine companies live on iMRO including Jet Aviation. Migrated iMRO onto SAP HANA in our internal labs environment and expect to complete initial testing in the next 3-4 weeks.
Bank Analyzer on HANA
Targeted co-investment to migrate existing SAP Bank Analyzer customer onto SAP HANA to drive improves in performance and therefore agility of risk management.
Marketing Effectiveness
Delivered prototype to combine and analyze retail PoS data from Walmart with trade promotion management data from Britvic to improve ROI.
Interaction Management
Implemented Interaction Management Framework to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction and maintain #1 JD Power Customer Satisfaction score.
Warranty & Spares Management
Recently conducted client ‘Innovation Workshop’ which included the potential migration of a spare parts management solution from SAP SCM to HANA.
Predictive Maintenance
Prototype to analyze historic machine fault code data and service orders to develop framework for predictive maintenance.
Operational Reporting RDS
Advising Gulfstream on Roadmap for SAP HANA including predictive maintenance, Business Suite on HANA, and Operational Reporting RDS to provide real-time reporting from SAP Business Suite.
Business Warehouse on HANA
Migration of existing SAP Business Warehouse environments onto SAP HANA.
Project scheduled to start on the 8th April 2013.
Business Suite on HANA
Prototype in partnership with SAP and Amazon Web Services to migrate SAP Business Suite landscape onto HANA in the Amazon Cloud.
Delivering Upon SAP HANA
To get more information
Only 29% of organizations are running SAP BI.

Only 24% of organizations are running Business Objects.
Survey Results
FAQs graphic
they want to do real-time analytics on data in SAP Business Suite
they have specific performance bottlenecks in SAP Business Suite
their existing infrastructure deal is up for renewal
Business Survey
Technical Survey
Technical Survey
Business Survey
Technical Readiness and Gaps
Financial Drivers
and Cost Elements
Use Cases
Implementation Strategy
Available Accelerators
The total Big Data market reached $11.4 billion in 2012
How many of you have laptops?
How many of you have smart phones?
Do you know where the on\off switch is?
What are customers saying about it?
Why is it important for us?
Questions, Questions, Questions…
How can an ROI be delivered?
How is it priced?
What the *!#? is it?
What does HANA stand for?
HANA Questions
What percentage of SAP NA revenues in 2013 will come from HANA?
At what CAGR% do IDC expect the big data technologies and services market to grow in the next few years?
What percentage of respondents said that their business requires real-time processing of big data?
wanted: use-case for really fast and somewhat expensive database
Executive Survey Results on HANA
Marketing Effectiveness on HANA
Warranty Management on HANA
Getting Home from Sapphire on Time
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