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FIU Study Abroad

No description

Beatrice Correa

on 15 July 2014

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Transcript of FIU Study Abroad

FIU Study Abroad
3 different options
Your mind is set, what paperwork MUST be turned in?
I'm Interested, where do I start?
1. FIU Study
2. International Student Exchange
3. Approved
Sign inquiry sheet

Attend an information session
Email us your questions: edabroad@fiu.edu
Call us: 305-348-1913
Schedule to meet with an adviser
Visit our website!!
Common Questions?
I have to be in the major of that program right?
What are the requirements?
When is the earliest I can go?
How long can I stay abroad?
Where would we be living?
Can I just go abroad and not take the classes?
How long does it take for my credits to transfer back?
Where can I
travel to?
Common Questions?
What is included in the fees?
What is typically not included in the fees?
What is the cost of living?
Will my financial aid apply?
Can I lose my financial aid?
What is the price per credit?
Would scholarship money go directly to my bank?
What scholarships are there?
Current Passport (check expiration date)

ALL program fees

Medical form filled out by a medical professional

Signed course enrollment form

Attend Pre-departure Session
Upcoming Information Session Dates
What's the
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