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The Beauties of Earth

Yearbook project.

Tessi Guerre

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of The Beauties of Earth

The Beauties of Earth By: Tessi and Antalique Floral Arrangements Stemming from the Earth Some blooming red Gazing through the leaves Watching the airplanes fly by Reaching for the Sun On a typical spring day the sun can often be found almost everywhere. with the fire of many suns The ground bestows life to those who are willing In the sky so high. Sunsets in California Often, the sun leaves a soft pink sky with a purple-ish hue. While others glow a bright sunshine yellow Some prefer the hues of night Hidden, shaded, and shadowed by a cradle of leaves Then there are the opposites Color of winter snow but with the radiance of spring clouds THE END Sorry for any motion sickness that resulted. granting everyone with luck. The spring clouds bring rain to sprout up fearlessly towards the sky Alone they're weak together they're strong.
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