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AP Style Game Day M-P

No description

Jewel Addy

on 14 February 2013

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Transcript of AP Style Game Day M-P

Kasey Forte, Sarah Boehm & Jewel Addy AP Style Game Day M-P Which two regions take Minn. and Mo. as their datelines?
a. Minnesota and Montana
b. Minneapolis and Missouri
c. Minnesota and Missouri
d. Minneapolis and Montana. The ______ artist prepped the models for the fashion shoot.
a. make up
b. makeup
c. make-up Question 1 The smallest ocean in the world is the Indian Ocean.
a. True
b. False False The smallest ocean is the Arctic Ocean. Oceans The five oceans from largest to smallest are: Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Antarctic Ocean
Arctic Ocean Lowercase ocean standing alone or in plural uses:
the ocean
the Atlantic and Pacific oceans Mailman office
capitalize when it is part of an agency's formal name
lowercase in all other uses
Office of Finance
the office of the attorney general
NEVER use "off of" because the "of" is unnecessary
over - used in spatial relationships
more than - refers to numerals
The plane flew over the town.
He ate more than 20 chicken nuggets. The AP says not to use mailman because women hold this job as well. Letter carrier is preferred. Manslaughter vs Murder Homicide is the legal term for killing. Murder is a premeditated homicide and manslaughter is a homicide without premeditation. Office/Off of/ Over People, Persons Makeup vs Make up Make up is a verb that refers to making up a missed test.
Makeup is a noun that refers to makeup the product. Makeup is also an adjective for an artist. Mantel vs. Mantle Use person when speaking of an individual.
One person was in line at the pretzel stand.
Persons should only be used in a direct quote or part of a title
Bureau of Missing Persons
People is the preferred plural form of person
The people on the lawn cheered. A mantle is a cloak.
A mantel is a shelf. Percents Percent is one word
Use figures for percent and percentages
10 percent, 2.5 percent
For a range:
12 to 15 percent or between 12 and 15 percent
Amounts less than 1 percent, put a zero before decimal
0.6 percent increase Prison A jail is used to confine:
people serving sentences for misdemeanors
people waiting for trial
Prison is a generic term applied to:
the maximum security institutions often known as penitentiaries
medium security facilities often called correctional institutions or reformatories
These facilities confine people serving sentences for felonies. Question 5 Question 2 Question 3 C B Question 4 B AP Style "M" Datelines Question 6 C Question 7 Largest to smallest:
Pacific Ocean
Atlantic Ocean
Indian Ocean
Antarctic Ocean
Arctic Ocean Madrid- stands alone in datelines
Maine- do not abbreviate in datelines or stories
Maryland- abbreviated Md.
Massachusetts- abbreviated Mass.
Michigan- abbreviated Mich.
Minneapolis- stands alone in datelines
Minnesota- abbreviated Minn.
Mississippi- abbreviated Miss.
Missouri- abbreviated Mo.
Montana- abbreviated Mont.
Montreal- stands alone in datelines

a. Harry got an 87% on his math exam.
b. The school population increased by 0.9 percent this month.
c. I need a score in the range of 75-80 percent on my next test to pass the class.
d. There was a fourteen percent decrease in the budget deficit this year. 4. Which of the following is correct? If it is less than 1 percent, precede the decimal with a zero. 0.9 percent a. Referring to maximum security institutions.
b. Referring to an institution confining people serving sentences for misdemeanors.
c. Referring to medium security facilities called correctional institutions.
d. Referring to reformatories where people are serving sentences for felonies. Prison cannot be used: B A jail is used to confine people serving sentences for misdemeanors and people waiting for trial. How many errors are in this sentence? a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4 I fell off of my chair after I ate over three subs in the Office of Management and Budget. B 1. the "of" is unnecessary
2. "more than" refers to numerals Person, Persons and People Pete’s on trial for killing his neighbor. His crime was not premeditated, so it is referred to as (a)...
a. homicide
b. murder
c. manslaughter

Manslaughter is a homicide that is not premeditated.

Makeup is an adjective and make up is a verb. Minnesota is abbreviated Minn. and Missouri is abbreviated Mo. Minneapolis stands alone in datelines and Montana is abbreviated Mont. Minnesota and Missouri manslaughter makeup Harry Potter threw his invisibility ________ over his shoulders.

a. mantle
b. mantel Question 8 A A mantle is a cloak and a mantel is a shelf. mantle Names use only last names in the second reference, unless reference prefers otherwise
use first and last names to distinguish between people with the same last name
refer to juveniles 16+ with surname only
refer to juveniles 15 and under with first name only Nationalities and Races capitalize the proper names of nationalities, peoples, races, tribes, etc.
use derogatory terms only in direct quotes and only if essential and flag for the editor Some Spelling Rules: "nationwide," never "nation-wide"
"naval" pertains to the navy
"navel" means belly button
a navel orange is a seedless orange Newspaper Names capitalize "the" in a newspaper's name if that is the way it prefers to be known
lowercase "the" if a story uses the names of several papers
use parenthesis where location is needed if not part of the name Nicknames used when preferred by the individual
quotation marks when inserted into the name
may substitute commonly known nicknames for first names without quotes in sports stories Numerals figure, letter, word, or group of words
Roman numerals: I, V, X, L, C, D and M
used for wars and personal sequence for animals and people
spell out numeral in the beginning of a sentence, unless it's a year
in most uses, spell out whole numbers below 10; use figures for 10+ Question 9 When do you use only the last name of a reference?
a. Always
b. On the second reference of someone 16 or older unless the person prefers otherwise
c. On the second reference despite age
d. On the second reference despite the person's request to be referred to in another way B Use only the last name when referencing someone for the second time, unless that person prefers otherwise. If the person is under 16, use the first name only. Question 10 Which of these is not a Roman numeral?
a. Z
b. M
c. V
d. X A The Roman numerals use the letters I, V, X, L, C, D, and M Question 11 Which sentence is correct?
a. 93 students are members of the club.
b. 1991 is the year I was born.
c. They have 3 kids.
d. She ran twelve miles. B You cannot start a sentence with a number, unless that number is a year. Generally, numbers under 10 should be written out and numbers over 10 should be numerals. Question 12 When is it OK to use nicknames?
a. When the individual prefers to go by the nickname
b. In quotations when inserted into the identification of an individual
c. Without quotations if the nickname is commonly used and in a sports story
d. All of the above D Use a nickname when an individual prefers to go by that name. If a nickname is
inserted into a full name, use quotation marks. In a sports story or column,
nicknames can replace the first name without quotations only if it is a commonly
known nickname.
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