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Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is the best adventuresb that tha world has ever seen.What ever you want him to do he will find a way to do it!

mariana cruz

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Indiana Jones

Indiana is a professor of archaeologe He is not just a professor teaching High School students ,but he is a adventures who will never fail. Indiana Jones Indiana has had many adventures like... Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the lost ark Indiana Jones and the temple of doom Indiana Jones and the last crusade and... Indiana Jones and the cristal skulll They are all full of action and love at the End. Indiana Jones has great bravery, hebut... He is scare of snakes How does Indiana Jones Fight? Indiana Jones Fights with a whip He got this whip trying to escape from a circus-man. Indiana Jones also has a gun,but he tries not to use it. Indiana Jones is old now, but.. He still has mant adventures!!! The End
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