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colonel Jack H. Jacobs

No description

clayton boren

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of colonel Jack H. Jacobs

colonel Jack H. Jacobs
colonel Jack H. Jacobs
why he is a hero continued continued quotes
"his gallantry and bravery in action in the highest tradditions of the milliteary service has reflected great credit upon himself his unit and the us army"

info from myhero.com
why he is a hero continued quotes
"saved the lifes of a us advisor and 13 allied soldiers"
why he is a hero quotes
"administerd lifesaveing first aid"
"returned under intenst fire to evacuate a seiriously wounded advisor"
some of his acheivemnts and faliers are...
he was the most highly decorated soldger in vietnam
very acomplished at first aid
but he could not protect all of the troops =(
charactaristics that make him a hero are...
he is brave and willing to sacrifice and looked out for his team
what makes him a hero is ...
he saved 13 allies in vietnam in the battle in kein phong by returning under heavy gunfire to evacuate his squad
an insparation to all of us
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