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The ancient Mayan people predicted that the end of the world would take place at 21st December 2012. Is there any truth in their prophecy?

Magnus Lien

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of 2012

2012 Is the prophecy of the ancient
Mayans true? Their Calendar ends at the
21st of December 2012
The prophecy has gained
reputation the last few years Mass Hysteria According to the Mayans Solar storms Poles of the earth will be reversed According to the New Age believers Earthquakes Tsunamis Planet X Nibiru Distrupt the planetary paths Visible from 2008 Previously unkown planet According to the scientists Solar storms 11 year cyclus Electricity and power
may break down Magnetic field No food supply Gas reliant transport
breaks down Hospitals shut down Weakens the rich,industrialized countries Similar incident in 1859 For The Mayans were
ahead of their time Global Warming Solar Storms Aliens technology Accurate calendars Knowledge of the solar system Explains their advanced technology foreseen and retold Possible scientifically Against Planet X Mayans Different types of calendars Y2K Mass hysteria Fear of total break down the year 2000 interference between year 0 and 2000 Nothing happened. Lived more than 1000 years ago Create a new calendar No such planet The internet Fake Videos False or wrong information created by believers Multimedia 2012 the movie Sources used http://2012warning.com/ illustrert vitenskap nr 13/2009 og
nr 6/2010 The world was created 3114 years ago
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