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Blackberry target market

Presentation comparing Blackberry's marketing activity in Canada and in Belgium

cynthia abreu

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Blackberry target market

Research Blackberry Market Segmentation and Target Selection Table of Contents Company intro
Positioning statement
Target Market
Customer Expectations
Perceptual map
Market Analysis
Conclusion RIM - basic facts: Founded in 1984 by Greek Canadian businessman - Mihalis "Mike" Lazaridis

Headquarter situated in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada RIM :
marketer of wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market which provides platforms and solutions for access to information Positioning Statement The Blackberry Z10 is the best cellular device to those consumers who are business professionals because it is highly efficient and easy to use. http://www.rim.com/company Target Market Customer Expectations Blackberry Strategy Segregate their personal and work identities
Their target is focused on business user and more personal use Conclusion: market share still decreasing every year
consumer behavior is changing
change their market strategy, to fit into the market- led. Business people
Younger generation
Emerging markets Internet capabilities
Product information
easy of use 4G

Ease of Use Perceptual Map Microsoft Segmentation Tree Segmentation Build up Blackberry Z10 Marketing Objective and Goals: Increase market share to
Year 1: 15%
Year 2: 20%
Year 3: 30% Sales (units)
Year 1: 25 millionYear
2: 15 millionYear
3: 10 million
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