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No description

Faidhi Fudzail

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Interviews

Interview? Dressing Up General Rules Interviews Steps To a Good Interviews One interviewer interviews one interviewee One on One •Several interviewers interview one applicants Panel Several applicants are interviewed by two or more interviewers at the same time Group Interview Interviewer? Interviewee? Is the candidate fit for the job?
Can candidate blend in the corporate environment?
Is this the best candidate for the job? Can I do the job?
Does this job offers me the opportunities I want for advancement or experience? THINGS TO LOOK OUT FOR The interviewer has a fixed number of pre-determined questions that each applicant is required to answer Predetermined The different types of questions you may get in an interview Questions are designed to simulate everyday
problems that you may encounter on the job. Situational The interviewer has no predetermined questions and may ask whatever questions come to mind at the time Free Be sure to use deodorant, perfume or cologne to cover up your body odor if you have it Body Odor No Messy Hair Keep your hair, mustache and beard nicely trimmed. Long hair should be tied when possible. Don't overdo either of them! Make up and Accessories should be simple Clean Your Hands! Handshake Dressing tips for Females Whose wearing what they should wear? Game Shirts No Frills Or embellishments Or plunging Necklines Hemlines should not be 3 inches above the knees Skirts Avoid pants with loud colors Pants Conservative Colors Heels and Nails Courtesy - arrive about 15 minutes earlier.
- know the address and exact location of the company.
- what should you do when you first enter the room? - speak clearly and loudly.
- limit your answers to 1-2 minutes.
- keep a smile on your face.
- do not swear.
- ask for clarification if you don't understand something. GREET SHAKE HANDS SIT WHEN YOU ARE ASKED TO BE SEATED. THANK THE INTERVIEWER SHAKE HANDS DEPART GRACEFULLY meet the interviewer's gaze directly.
you can focus at the point on the interviewer's face.
maintain eye contacts throughout the interview Eye Contact sitting upright.
do not tap your feet or cross your legs.
fold your hands in your lap. Posture avoid doing things that send negative messages to your interviewer.
nodding is allowed to reinforce attentiveness. Body Language Dressing tips for Males Avoid Bright Colored Shirts Shirts No. Baggy. Pants. EVER. Pants Single Colored or with conservative Prints.
Must match the shirt! Ties Black lace-up leather shoes are the best choice.
Socks should be of dark colors too. Shoes Get to know the Company Get on their website or research them What To Do Before the Interview Know Yourself (at least the you on paper) Review Your Resume Know what to say to what question Write a Script and Rehearse! Make sure you have Everything Needed Gather Your Materials Get a Good Night's Sleep! Sleep. Can you think of a few things that one should do before going for an interview? What to do before an Interview? What are your strong points? Activity
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