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The American Revolution

No description

Andrew Fariello

on 21 October 2013

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Transcript of The American Revolution

The American Revolution
Path to Liberty

13 American Colonies
New Jersey
South Carolina
North Carolina
New Hampshire
New York
Rhode Island
Colonist Fight for "Mother England"
Britain Wins War
Britain's Financial Debt
French & Indian War
Tax on all American publications
"Taxation without Representation"
Declaration of Power
The Stamp Act
7 Year War
British Oppression
Colonist Riot
Redcoats Kill 5
Colonist Exaggerate & Massacre
Symbolizes British Oppression & Brutality
The Boston Massacre
The Boston Tea Party
Britain's East India Tea Company
Sons Of Liberty
Dumped Tea in Harbor
The Townshend Program
The Tea Act
Intolerable Acts
Sons of Liberty
First Continental Congress
Reject British Authority
Military Preparations
Lexington & Concord
British March To Concord
Paul Revere
"Shot Heard Round The World"
The Declaration Of Independence
July 4, 1776
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