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Shoes Laundry Clinic

No description

Tan Chui Han

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of Shoes Laundry Clinic

Shoes Clinic Laundry
Industry Analysis
Political Environment
- Government implemented
financial support
to SMEs
- Government provides
- SMEs are track to contribute
to Malaysia's GDP

Economic Analysis

-GDP has increased to 2.1%
-Mostly employed person in Malaysia
Porter's 5 Factors
Threat of New Entrants
- means threat of new competitors post to existing competitors in the industry
- risk of threat of new entrants are
- barriers to entry are

-absence of
strong brands &customer loyalty

Bargaining power of suppliers
- no. of firms supplying the resources are

- bargaining power of suppliers are
- Reduce the risk of increasing price of supplied materials (
enter contract with suppliers
Industry Analysis
Social Analysis
- People are focusing on
clean and hygienic lifestyle.
Lack of shoes laundry
in Malaysia
- People would
not have extra times
to go and clean their shoes themselves

Technological Advance
-Shoes washing machines can
dry shoes quickly
Internet technology
Porter's 5 Factors
Bargaining power of Buyers
- power of customers is

retain the loyalty
of customers

Rivalry among existing firms
- Do
directly competitors
Indirectly competitors
ie. clothes laundries and shoes repair stalls
- Degree of competitive rivalry -
- Spend more money in promoting & advertising (
increase brand awareness)

Threat of Suppliers
as compared with clothes laundry
- Able to
reduce the risk
of threat of substitute.

Market Analysis
Few reasons to choose this business
- Easy for customers to make payment
- Little Capital required for buying laundry equipment
- Low labour force required
- Demand for services rising
Market Segmentation

-Baby Boomers (12.7%), Generation X (41.3%), Generation Y (46.1%)
- Target in Setapak area
- A major town in KL
-Surrounded by college students and business men or women
- Population of Setapak reach 700, 000
- Extended to residents of Bukit Bintang area.

Market Analysis
Target Market
* Target customers:
Generation Y
- Middle income would have ability to purchase our services
* Target customers:
young adults (college students)
-Active in sport: sports shoes are essential to them
* Target customers:
who live or work around Setapak area
- Tired after the whole day of working (spend their money to clean their shoes)

Market Analysis
Customer's needs and wants
- Purchase
personal services
: laundry and dry cleaning services
Growth of economic & increase income
- Offer
delivery services

natural detergent

Market Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Affected business future profitability
- Do
direct competitors
-Indirect competitors: JJ laundry & easy 99 station

Company description
- Professional dry cleaning “shoes”
within 80 minute by using high technology machine.
-Repair & Regular delivery services
-Company name called
Shoes clinic laundry
Partnership & Start operate
Mission statement
-To open branches in each state

-To provide exceptional service to our entire customer

-To build strong customer relationship by using reasonable price & professional service.
-To open 2nd and 3rd brunches in year 2017

-To achieve sales target as show in financial projection

-To satisfied all existing and new customer needs and wants

Goal and Objective
-PV128, Genting Klang

* PV10,13,15 and 16

Price Penetration Method
-Low price, attract more customers
Segmented Pricing Method
1)Customer-segment pricing
2)Location-based pricing
3)Time-based pricing
Product (Service)
-Washing service
*7 steps + dry service
-Repair service
*shoe care, zips, full rubber sole, heel, half & full leather sole + heel.
-Delivery service
SWOT Analysis
-The 1st shop
-High technology machine
-Using Nature Detergent
-Hardly to attract
-Less confident
-Face limit in budget
-No direct competitors
-People spend more time on leisure activities
-People enjoy the technology advance
-Inflation, purchasing power lower
-higher competition
*( oversea competitors)

Services strategy
Save time
Mix services to satisfy customers' needs
Reduce advertisement costs
Huge demand and gap, unlimited business potential
People follows fashion, enjoy& willing to accept new services *(Eg: IOS 7)

English Vinglish
KIM JONG KOK,spokesperson

Newspaper & leaflets

* create a page.

Vision statement

-To enjoy the best and unexpected

-To save your unhealthy shoes

-You deserve better.
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