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Mock Interview

No description


on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Mock Interview

1. Appearance (5 pts)
2. Sitting (5 pts)
3. Eyes in contemplation (5 pts)
1. 30 Sec. Bio./Elevator Pitch (10 pts)
2. In 5 years Example
(10 pts)
3. Teamwork Example
(7 pts)
Hairstyle, haircut (1 pt)
Face (1pt)
Clothing (1pt)
Shoes (1pt)
Accessories (watch, jewelry, etc.) (1pt)

Tell me about yourself.
Sitting position in chair

Where your eyes go while contemplating your answer to a tough question

Tell me where you see yourself, five years from now.
Tell me about a time when you worked with a team.
SOC/FAS 324 Work and the Workplace
(100 points total)
(20 points total)

4. Voice qualit
(5 pts)
Voice qualit
while answering the interviewers' questions

(80 points total)

4. Pressure/Stress Example (7 pts)
Tell me about a time when you were under a lot of pressure and felt a lot of stress.
5. Didn't Get Along Example (7 pts)
Tell me about a time you had a boss or co-worker you didn't get along with.
6. Problem Solving Example (7 pts)
Tell me about a time you had a problem to solve.
7. Bending the Rules Example (7 pts)
Tell me about a time when you bent the rules at your job.
8. Disappointed Example (7 pts)
Tell me about a time that you were disappointed by something that happened at your job.
9. Salary (10 pts)
What kind of salary are you looking for?
10. Questions (8 pts)
Do you have any questions for me?
Congrats, you're done!
(psst, turn your speakers up for dramatic sound effect)
Good luck!
Nervous for the mock job interview?

Review the rubric, interview readings (found in Week 9 folder), and practice the Behavioral questions so you are prepared.

Practice out loud, whether with someone else or by yourself.

Examples of how NOT to interview from
Step Brothers
How you chose your field of study
Why you chose the organization to contact/interview with; what you know about them
What you know about the position; about the required skills & experience
Description of the skills and experience you have that fits what the org. wants; type of contribution you can make to the organization
Peppy wrap-up statement, e.g. “…and I’m really excited about being here/getting the opportunity to talk with you today…”

Respond in a way that indicates you are still working for the same organization, have worked your way up the ranks to a certain extent and the type of contribution you expect to make at that higher level. DO NOT talk about expectations for your personal life in five years, or about money/material wealth. DO NOT say anything like, “I expect to have YOUR job in five years” or “I expect to be running the company in five years”, etc.
Describe a SPECIFIC team experience and role played within team, especially if you were a team leader. DO NOT talk in vague generalities.
Describe a SPECIFIC stressful situation at work or school and describe handling of that situation in a constructive manner.
Describe a SPECIFIC instance of this at work or school and describe handling of that situation in a constructive manner.
Describe a SPECIFIC work-related problem (could be a problem related to schoolwork, but not a personal problem) and describe resolution of the problem in a constructive manner.
Be enthusiastic, upbeat, and at-ease. DO NOT use “teen speak” or slang, unpleasant (e.g. nasal) or strong regional accent, interrogative intonation (so that every sentence sounds like a question, with voice pitch rising at the end of each sentence), etc.
Whatever you do, DO NOT look at the ground!
Remember, sit at a slight right angle to make right-eye to right-eye contact.
Make sure you look professional from head to toe - not too over done or too underdone. NO messy hair or hair in face. NO unkept face, scragly beard, excessive makeup. NO sandals, sneakers, or unprofessional shoes. DO NOT over-accesorize.
Describe a situation when you bent – but not broke – the rules. Description must include statement indicating you told your boss what you did after (not before) the rule-bending activity.
Describe a SPECIFIC instance of this and the handling of your disappointment in a constructive manner.
DO NOT answer before asking if you're being offered the job. If 'no,' respond with something like “Well then, let’s talk about that when you offer me the job.” If 'yes,' respond by tossing the money-issue back to interviewer(s) without mentioning any specifics, e.g. “Why don’t we wait until you’ve made me a formal offer before discuss specifics.“
Have at least TWO questions for the interviewer(s). DO NOT ask, “What’s the salary for this job?"
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