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Windsor, Ontario

No description

Jenna Clause

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of Windsor, Ontario

Windsor, Ontario
Climate Statistics
Climate Statistics
Climate graph for Windsor, Ontario
Geographic Location
Windsor, Ontario
Local Issues
-Since Windsor has a peculiar and "always changing" temperatures, it allows invasive species and plants
-Because of this changing, there are to this moment, 29 invasive species threatening the great lakes and scientists predict that they are most likely to soon inhabit most of the great lakes causing to possibly close them
-Also, Windsor's robberies, murders, kidnappings (in which alot of cases have yet to be solved) went up by 7.8%
-Windsor's "always changing" temperatures could also have a likely threat to Windsor in the near future
Work Cited
Climate Type
-The average temperature in Windsor has increased by one degree celcius since 1940.
-Increased (changed) the temperature from the baseline from 1961-1990
-As air temperatures increase, so does the capacity to hold more and more water to create mass floods or brutal rainfalls
-could increase the chance to change temperatures and climates again in Windsor
-Windsor has already experienced this condition
-In addition to this change, it allows invasives
species to have a longer life span

Landform Region, Ecozone
Major Industries
-There are a variety and various industries in Windsor because of the Detroit river and their transport ships.
-Some industries are Soldprivate, Altered Images
-Because of the large popularity of Windsor's colleges and universities, the district school board for those particular schools is known to have their own company with the large amount of employees and students attending to those particular schools
-Transportation has a variety of industries such as Air Canada
Population Statistics
-Windsor,Ontario is the southernmost city in all of Canada
-82 degrees west(longitude)
-42 degrees north(latitude)
Located in the Essex County
-Located South of Michigan,Detroit and the United States
-Southeastern climate region
-Great Lakes St. Lawrence Lowlands region
-Located in the Mixedwood Plains
-Southernmost part of Canada (making it part of the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Lowlands landform region)

-Layered with bedrock from sedimentary rock

-The bedrock can be seen from various ecarpments.(This particular escarpment extends from Niagara Falls to Manitoulin Island.

-Ideal for crop and plant life
-Windsor has peculiar climates
-Once covered in ice,snow, and glaciers
-temperature varies from negative 8 degrees celsius to 28 degrees celsius (rarely above 32 degrees celsius and below 15 degrees celsius)
-Continental climate
-hot summers

-The population in 2011 was 210,891
-The population in 2006 was 216,473
-The population in 2001 was 209,218
-Lately, due to push factors such as health care and penalty fees, the population of Windsor has ha a slow rate of their population increasing over the past five years (since 2006)
-In windsor there are many and various ways to get around Windsor.
-Boats and ferries are ideal for transprtation because of the Detroit river
-You could also get around Windsor by going by car, trains, public buses, biking, and walking is ideal for some
-The Detroit river is very ideal for transport boats, ferries, and boaters

Major Attractions
-There are many historical and famous attractions in Windsor,Ontario such as: WFCU Center (for hockey fans) and also the Windsor Arena,Francois Baby House, John Freeman Walls Historis Site,Willistead Manor, Olde Walkerville neighborhood, and you may also want to visit Peche Island, and an Underground Railway Museum
In theory, I believe Windsor to be a beautiful place to live and maybe live there!
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