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Beit Tefillah

A Blueprint of the Jewish Prayer Service

Josh Brown

on 14 November 2011

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Transcript of Beit Tefillah

Front Porch Living Room Dining Room Kitchen Driveway Hallway Opening Prayers Front Door niggun
wordless melody Hinei Matov
"how good it is"
just one of many prayers we often say here Barchu
call to worship
face east
leader bows
then the congregation bows Shema and its Blessings 1. Creation Blessings
Yotzei Or (Morning)
Ma'ariv Aravim (Evening) 2. Love Blessings
Ahavah Rabbah (morning)
Ahavat Olam (evening) SHEMA YISRAEL
Hear O' Israel
God is ONE V'ahavta
You shall love
You shall teach
You shall do Mi Chamocha
What the Israelites said at the sea
Miriam danced with her timbrels The Amidah
a.k.a. Ha-tefillah
a.k.a. Shemonah Esrei
a.k.a. The Standing Prayer Weekday Amidah
Avot,Gvurot, K'dushah
13 Blessings
R'tzei, Modim, Shalom Shabbat Amidah
Avot, G'vurot, K'dushah
Kedushat Ha-Yom
R'tzei, Modim, Shalom Stand, face east and bow at the beginning and end of the 1st prayer (Avot) Torah Service P'sukei D'zimra Birchot HaShachar Ain Kamocha
Ki Mitziyon
Take Torah out of ark
Hakafah - parading Torah
Opening Blessing
Reading Torah
Closing Blessing
Haftarah blessing and readings Back Porch Concluding Prayers Aleinu
We are a special people Mourners Kaddish
We remember those special who are
no longer in our lives Closing Prayer
Let's transition back into our lives Beit Tefillah
Our House of Prayer
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