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Israel Geography Game

An interactive study of the geography of the State of Israel

Benjamin Watman

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Israel Geography Game

"Things you did and didn't know about Israel"
An interactive study of the geography of The State of Israel
A ten-minute drive from where you jet skied on the Kinneret- Which influential Torah scholar is buried?
Which street is referred to as the "secular heart of Jerusalem," but since the 2000s, it has become a street were we all hang out?
Where is Beit Shemesh located?
What is the national beer of Israel?
Which ancient city was declared Israel’s official capital with a law from January 1950?
New Jersey
The Rambam
Ben Yehuda Street
Judean Hills, 23 miles from Jerusalem.
Maccabee – Gold star
What are the official languages in the linguistically and culturally diverse community of Israel?
Hebrew and Arabic
Israel's largest freshwater lake, is also known by what name?
Sea of Galilee or Kinneret
Which river, flowing through the Great Rift Valley into the Dead Sea, forms much of the border between Jordan and Israel?
The Jordan River
There are two main factors for Israel's well-developed technology fields, the first being the land's limited natural resources. What is the second factor?
What is the lowest exposed point on Earth's surface?
The Dead Sea
Which community, has become known around the world as an example of a cooperative community?
The Kibbutz
From 1948 till the Six Day War, what was located in the area known today as the Mamilla Mall?
(The shortcut to the Kotel)
Combat Zone between Jordan and Israel. A location where an Israeli would be killed if he entered.
In terms of area, which US state is about the size of Israel?
Which desert is situated in the southern part of Israel and covers a large part of Israel's official Southern District?
The Negev
What are the colors on the Israeli flag?
Blue and White
Quick Recap on Locations
Jerusalem is closest to which body of water?
The Dead Sea
Strong emphasis
on education
This national snack food is made exclusively in Israel and tastes of peanut butter. What am I?
What dough comes in squares and triangles and is filled with cheese or potato?
What product would you be looking at if the labels read: King David, Carmel, Barkan and Tabor?
The mountain range between Israel and Lebanon is called Sulam Tsor - The Ladder of Tyre. What is the reason for this?
It is broken up by rivers,
and looks like a ladder.
Less then a mile away from the Dead Sea, in what major Israeli archeological site did 900 Jewish refugees committed suicide in the year 30 BCE?
How many Arab countries border Israel? What are they?
Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon
How many languages are spoken in Israel?
Which moshav in Israel was named after a US president during his tenure?
Kfar Truman
What city was the center of Jewish learning, including the compilation of the Mishna, for a period of 800 years?
If you were going to the nucleus of Kabbalistic learning, to which city would you be headed?
What is the closet Jewish city to the Gaza Strip?
And how far from Gaza?
Sderot, less then one mile (2756 feet)
In what city does Nestlé maintain a research and development facility?
What Hotel in Jerusalem was bombed in a terrorist attack by the militant Zionist group the Irgun, in which 91 people died?
The King David Hotel
As you walk in to the Kotel Plaza, how far away is the closest border? What is it?
Only 19 miles to Jordan
I am a trademark Israeli dip made from chickpeas, known as…
What mountain could you ski on in Israel?
Har Chermon
What is the largest city in Israel?
What are the “Holy Cities” of Israel?
Jerusalem, Chevron, Tiberias and Tzfat
In Israel what languages are the street signs written in?
Hebrew, English and Arabic
The main bus company in Israel is…
Place where four couples are buried under the same building?
Maarat HaMachpelah
Israel’s national anthem is known as…
Some would say I’m a staple of an Israeli diet. What am I?
What is Israel’s southernmost city?
How the borders have changed since the establishment of the State.
The Jordan River Today
Why Israel must retain their current Borders in order to maintain peace in the region?
Three necessities to insure the safety of Israel
1. Israel must retain control of the Jordan Rift Valley2. Israeli control over key areas of the mountain ridge 3. Israel must control the airspace over the west bank
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