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Oil Pulling: Myth or Real

No description

Alex Frisch

on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of Oil Pulling: Myth or Real

Oil Pulling: Myth or Reality?
2 Hollowed out egg shells
1 Petri Dish with TSY agar
4 Cotton Swabs
2 500mL Beakers
2 Wang Boats
Coconut Oil
Our Procedure:
Teeth Whitening
We had two tasks. The first task was to figure out which one whitened your teeth better. We had two yellow egg shells and placed one in Listerine and one in Coconut Oil. We let it sit in the liquids and we concluded that Coconut Oil whitens your teeth better because the egg that sat in the oil had more white areas than the Listerine egg.
What did we do?
We tested if Coconut Oil is a stronger and more effective product to use to clean your teeth compared to using Listerine. We want to figure out which product whitens teeth better and which product rids your mouth of bacteria better.
Conclusions (1)
Overall Question 1: Does Oil Pulling really work?

We figured out Oil Pulling happens to be a myth. It is because the fact that when we used coconut oil it displaced bacteria in ones mouth but did not kill it. This shows that oil pulling does not work.
Follow Up Questions
Some Questions after the experiment occurred:

What if we changed the type of Listerine?
Why does Coconut displace bacteria in ones mouth?
Is there a certain Listerine that kills bacteria and whitens teeth the best?
Conclusion (2)
Overall Question (2): Which is the better overall cleaner (As in teeth whitening and bacteria killing), Listerine or Coconut Oil?

We figured out that for a clean mouth with little bacteria you should use Listerine but if you want a product to whiten your teeth you should use Coconut Oil. You should use the Coconut Oil first to whiten your teeth and then use Listerine to kill excess bacteria. We concluded this would be beneficial way to clean your mouth.
Our Experiment
Some Pictures From the Experiment
Conclusions and Other Questions
Our Procedure:
Kills Bacteria
We had a Pertri dish with an agar solution. In this dish we placed bacteria from our mouths onto the dish to see the growth of the bacteria. The section with the least amount of growth showed which product cleaned your mouth better. So we took a cotton swab and swabbed our mouths before we used Listerine or Coconut Oil. Then once after. We concluded that Listerine cleans your mouth better and Coconut Oil for a matter of fact adds bacteria to your mouth. We concluded this because more bacteria grew in the Petri dish where we swabbed our teeth with Coconut Oil and very little bacteria grew where we used Listerine
Petri Dish After
Eggs Afterwads (1)
2 Close Ups
Coconut Oil
Petri Dish Before
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