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Extra credit

bonus points prezi

erin hyer

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Extra credit


" When Its the final 25 It's you and your speedo" Michael Phelps FAVORITE BOOK
To Kill A Mockingbird FAVORITE PLACE
My favorite place would have to be the beach in front of the hotel I stayed at in Mexico. Iberostar Tucan, Cancun Mexico, is a resort that to me is pure paradise. Beautiful beaches, volleyball, plants everywhere, beautiful sceanery, and many more. When I was there I went to Xelha Mexico, which Is like an amusement park in paradise. I went snorkeling, parasailing, swam with dolphins, went on pirate ship for Thanksgiving, and ate food from all around the world that was in walking distance of my hotel room. PlANS FOR THE SUMMER
My plans so far are to go on a few plane rides, cruise to the caribbean, and go for Aquastorm summer swimming with friends. THING I LIKE ABOUT THIS PROJECT
I like how when we use prezi we can be creative and mix it up a little more than just standing in front of the class room. THINGS THAT I DIDN'T LIKE
So far I like what we're doing, nothing bad HOW CAN THE PROJECT IMPROVE
I would like more time to work on It, or the ability to get really personal about the project, like more creative
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