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Extreme High Jump 1


Dan Lipman

on 19 November 2010

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Transcript of Extreme High Jump 1

Extreme High Jump Overview At the Aviva Grand Prix, UKA took the high jump to a new level, offering an exciting pre-show that stunned the crowd at the NIA. The event was a spectacular addition to the full schedule of world class athletics.

Introducing extreme youth sports to the world of athletics, this exciting, unique event saw British high jumpers compete against the UK’s top BMX-riders and inline skaters. The event was a battle of skill and flare with the presenters and audience tasked with rewarding style, flips and technical difficulty with cheers and applause as the athletes flung themselves over a 2 meter ‘laser’ bar.

Demonstrating spectacular athleticism, the event highlighted that athletics - running, jumping and throwing - is the foundations of all other sports, even extreme sports like BMXing and Inline Skating.
Objectives Widescale media coverage of Extreme High Jump, driving
ticket sales to UKA Major Events, specifically Birmingham NIA Attract a younger/new audience to the sport Re-engage loyal fans with something new and innovative Position UKA as a leading governing body within
the UK ahead of the London 2012 Olympics Position UKA as a leading governing body within athletics on an international platform through innovative media activity and coverage Schedule 11:00
Doors Opened
Venue with pre-show lighting
House lights down
Spots on
Smoke on
UV laser on 12:15
Spectators encouraged to be seated in the arena
2074 Spectators scanned into the venue
3 PA announcements
2 Bell Rings
UKA/FT staff on the concourse 12:30
Extreme High Jump starts
2888 spectators scanned into the venue
VT plays on big screen
Presenters and Jumpers enter the track to rapturous applause
FT staff positioned on venue doors
oContinuing to encourage spectators to their seats
Concourse empty of spectators 1245
Extreme High Jump in full swing
3801 spectators scanned into the venue
Extreme High Jump complete
Sports lighting switched on
Equipment cleared from track
Men’s High Jump warm up commences 13:03
Women’s Long Jump warm up commences 13:27
Men’s High Jump commences 13:30
BBC TV on air Were the objectives met? 1. Widescale media coverage of Extreme High Jump, driving ticket sales to UKA Major Events, specifically Birmingham NIA a.Media Coverage

BBC Breakfast x4
BBC Sportsround x2
Athletics Weekly
BBC Midlands
Birmingham Post & Mail b.Marketing to support ticket sales
UKA website Flash page & header banner
Addition to all marketing collateral designs
Addition to online event copy
Hand2Hand leafleting
NEC Staff database
NEC Customer database
NEC Previous Booker database
Ticketmaster Solus e-shot
Tourist information centres
Sport England c.Effect
Conversation regarding Extreme High jump was picked up by members of the athletics & general public which they began to discuss in anticipation in online forums, AW, BBC 606, Twitter
On arrival spectators responded to EHJ leaflets from UKA staff with “that’s why we are here early, so we don’t miss the EHJ
Athletes were heard discussing the event with posivite views - supporting the event (Craig Pickering and Jenny Meadows)
Stewards reported members of the queue asking whether they were likely to make it in time for Extreme High Jump

d. Drive ticket sales?
Ticket sales Increase from 2009 of 749 tickets
98% tickets sold 13.20
400 mens national race 2. Attract a younger / new audience to the sport a. A 3 minute feature on Sportsround was the strongest reach to younger audiences
Sportsround receives 140,000 viewers per week
Sportsround is the only sports television show in the UK, specifically aimed at children
b.Content made it's way around cyberspace, pre & post event, to reach audiences outside of athletics
BBC News
Yahoo Sport - Eurosport
AOL Video
Jenna Downing.com
APNI community
BBC Iplayer c. Conversation featured on blogging sites as well
BBC 606
Twitter – BMX Skate Parks and Athletes
"if it gets more people through the doors, and inspires one more person to get into athletics then it's done it's job" 4. Position UKA as a leading governing body within the UK ahead of the London 2012 Olympics 3. Re-engage loyal fans with something new and innovative 70% of ticket purchasers responded positively when asked about their views on the Extreme High Jump

A letter from a loyal fan who wrote in to Athletics Weekly demonstrated the postivie response of many returning attendees Although the event did not appeal to all the loyal fans they were able to appreciate that the event didn't effect the athletics schedule and served to encourage new audiences to take an interest in their sport. Demonstrated innovate approach to UKA events and marketing
Continued innovation and awareness generated from The Bolt Dance
Mike Bushell on BBC & BBC online
Conversation generated online through channels outside of athletics
The spreadibility online provided international exposure
Credible example of UKA's I am an athlete campaign
The event was voted the best IAAF meet of the indoor season

5. Position UKA as a leading governing body within athletics on an international platform through innovative media activity and coverage Marcomms
o New routes to promote the event - new conversation
Confirming and announcing an event, or campaign earlier would provide more time to leverage the value of an activity to its potential

The Sport
oExtreme high jump was delivered without having any impact on the sport.

oDespite lighting being highlighted as a barrier, particularly the time it takes for sports lighting to warm-up fully, Extreme High Jump showed that appropriate lighting is essential for creating additional atmosphere for such events, and that lighting changes such as this can be accomplished at the NIA

oModern and loud music contributed to an energetic and exciting experience. This was received well by the audience and reinforced the positive effect of appropriate music choice seen throughout the entire indoor season

oA challenge to manage the expectations of loyal and new spectators will arise when new concepts are introduced.
oThe visible and audible response from those in attendance demonstrated the enjoyment and entertainment that the event brought to the Aviva Grand Prix. If this atmosphere can be carried over to the main athletics event in future, it will strongly support the need for pre-event entertainment at future events

Event format
oCreating an end result, with a winner and loser, and thus introducing a competition element may have offered more leverage for media activity and audience engagement.
Learned Outcomes Pre-show?
o The idea of a pre-show should be further developed for future events due to its ticket sales capabilities as well as the event experience benefits for spectators

oAviva British Grand Prix / Aviva London Grand Prix
At the Aviva London Grand Prix & Aviva British Grand Prix, there is an hour of athletics before the Diamond League Televised activity begins.
At the Aviva London Grand Prix there is also the option of post event entertainment on the Friday.
With the added element of increased global interest it’s even more important that the crowd’s atmosphere is at the highest level.
To achieve this, a pre-show that sits between the 1st hour of athletics and the beginning of the Diamond League events could be the solution

o Feedback online suggests staying as close to athletics with the theme as possible will go down well with our regular spectators. Whilst we’ve acknowledged the need to satisfy our loyal fans we need to engage new fans as well who increasingly expect quality entertainment outside of sport at major sporting events.
o The activity must have a wow factor to have an effect on ticket sales and draw new audiences
o This activity should relate directly to the Diamond League, serving as a definite opening to the Diamond League part of the day and avoid drifting into it un-noticed
o Cross-sport activity would be recommended to continue to highlight athletics as the foundation of all sports
o For Gateshead an opening ceremony, welcoming the diamond league to the UK
A combination of pure entertainment with an athletics twist
o For London a post event closing party
o Look into other athletics disciplines – Pole Vault?

Next Steps
o Ascertain in conjunction with the event personalities how we can implement future pre/post shows
o Discuss with sponsors the possibility for them to be involved in future development
oIntegrate into UKA’s I am an athlete campaign plans
Recommendations "Having just returned from my annual trip to the Aviva Indoor Grand Prix, I was moved to write and enthuse about the Extreme High Jump spectacle that took place before the main action on Saturday - and I say that as a sport insider rather than a one-day-only fan or Olympic bandwagon traveller.

It was a few moments of great entertainment that might just get some of those on the fringes of the sport coming back for more.

It'a about time our sport tried to make more of such initiatives" BBC 606 forum:
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