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My Plans After High School

No description

jasmine smith- judkins

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of My Plans After High School

My Plans After High School: going to the Military to be a Dental Hygienist.
After I take the test:
Once I complete the test, I will be notified if I have passed the test or not. If I don't pass it, I will be able to retake. but if I pass it, I will then be informed of the next steps after of when I will go there to start my career.
When I am finally there:
when i get there, i know based on my score from the test that i took, that they will put me where i will best learn that i will most likely be more successful in.
The last and final step of it all:
The last step would be me finally beginning to put all that I have learned into motion. By this time, I will have gained a degree from this and I will have to go to work as being a Dental Hygienist. The training and all the work I would have done to get this far will pay off. By being in the army and a dentist, I will have gained very good skills and have met my goals.
First things first:

After I first graduate from high school, I will then go to the military. I will have to take the test to see if I can first get into the military.
Before I take the test:
I will have to talk with my counselor about the help I will need in order to get into the military. my counselor may help me with getting in contact with the military to see what I will need or what needs to be done so I can better prepare myself. the test helps to better put in a place where i would best learn by my score.
Part One of how I will be taught:
while I am there, I will be taking classes so that I can study and learn about what it takes to be a Dental Hygienist. This will help for me to get the knowledge down that is needed to test me on the skills that is needed, since this is something I would love to do and will work hard to achieve my goals.
Part two on how I will be Taught:
The next part on how I will need to be taught is by training. I will have the training needed to give me the best practice that I need so that I can be the best at what I would love to do. The training will be hands on and will be very similar to how the Dental Hygienists were taught and how they do their jobs.
Jasmine Smith- Judkins
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