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kellogs theme colors

Sean Wiggan

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of kelloggs


By: Crispy's Critters

Sean Wiggan
Kyle Baker
Chris Powell
Rachel Vanhal
Tim Gaines
Claire Meyer
Erin Woodworth
Brenna Feardy

Kellogg's introduces... A New,
Healthy Sports Drink for Kids!
B Why ? Past history of success
Customer loyalty
Ranked #1 in cereal, and convenience items
-Almost 13 billion in 2009
Brand Recognition
-Trusted name

vs. The Competition Our take on Sports Drinks Childrens Sports Drinks Fun Shaped Bottles Childrens Sports Drinks Variety of flavors Already have Adult Healthy Drinks

Next Step in Chain Orange
Lime Full of Vitamins
and AntiOxidents Projected Incomes Best Case Scenario Likelihood of a 44.72%

Profits went up
-Shapes create interest among children
-Parents try to keep kids healthy
-Large market for youth sports

COGS went down by 1.71%
-Current factories with bottling capabilities
-Corn and wheat prices high Worst Case Scenario Likelihood of a 20.39%

Profits went down
-Don't associate product with Kellogg's
*Products fail

COGS went up by 2.28%
-Dont have correct machinery
*Special bottles
-R&D took longer than expected
*Focus group testing Cereal and convenience foods
-Leading producer
Twenty one brands
Processed and packaged goods company
-Ranked 5th by market cap
Market share of 34% in 2007
Overview Opened in 1906
-Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company
-W.K. Kellogg
Kellogg company founded in 1922
-Aquired old company
Health foods alway integral
-Nutrigrain, Special K, Kashi, organic
Some brands.... www.yahoofinance.com
www.wikiinvest.com www.kelloggs.com www.kelloggs.com
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