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Powder Particulars Lizbeth, Taysia ,Maggie

No description

Miss Tanis

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Powder Particulars Lizbeth, Taysia ,Maggie

Investigation question Power Particulars 1. You get 20ml. of baking powder and put it in a cup .
2.You get 30mls of vinegar and pour it in the same with the baking powder.
3. You get 2 leaves of cabbage in a new cup
4. You put 5ml of water in the cabbage cup .
5. Put powdered laundry detergent in with the cabbage .
6. Mix step 1-6 in a new cup at the same time .
7. After it is change colors how long does it take to bubble up .
8. Get a new cup and 5ml of baking powder .
9 . Put 25ml of tarter in the cup of cabbage .
10.Put the laundry detergent in the cabbage cup .
11 . Mix 6 -11 in a new cup at the same time .
12. After it cahnges color how longdoes it take to bubble .
13 . Record in your data table . Hypothesis My hypothesis is that it will bubble up when you put 20 ml. of baking powder and 30 ml . of vinegar . I think this because we did a experiment in class almost the same . By: Lizbeth, TAYSIA, Maggie Powder Particulars Will the color change if you put 20ml of baking powder and 30ml of vinegar in the first graduated cylinder?
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