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Overview of Comprehensive Health Sample Curriculum

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Phyllis Reed

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Overview of Comprehensive Health Sample Curriculum

Colorado's District Sample Curriculum Project Overview of Comprehensive Health Sample Curriculum
From its beginnings, the field of educators across the state has been the force behind this project. This will continue to be the case as the project and its outcomes are:
Driven by the field
Generated by the field
Relevant to the field Rationale/Origins Next Steps As the next step in standards support for the state, the project is oriented around three fundamental goals:
Facilitating successful implementation of the CAS
Helping build the capacity of Colorado educators to create curriculum materials based on the standards
Bringing together Colorado’s educators to create a variety of samples that reflect the diversity of our school districts
Sample Unit Overviews The samples:
Represent the translation of the CAS into unit overviews for all (10) content areas
Illuminate possibilities for sequencing grade-level expectations (GLEs) and content-specific standards across courses/years
Offer one possible foundation for exploring standards-based unit and lesson-plan development
The Curriculum Project & Samples For an overview of the project and samples please view Dr. Brian Sevier’s
"A closer look at Colorado’s District Sample Curriculum Project and the teacher-created curriculum samples"
Unique Aspects of the Comprehensive Health
Curriculum Template Elementary Units Teachers have the flexibility to teach these units at their discretion based on the availability of time for teaching Health. For example, the three units for 4th grade that could be taught over the course of a whole year are:
Healthy Eating
Healthy Relationships Middle School &
High School Units Teachers have the flexibility to teach these units over the course of a semester or a full year. Unit Development Teachers developed multiple units from the same standard or combination of standards because there was a large amount of valuable content within the specific standards' GLEs and EOs Examples... An example of this in the high school units are in standards number 3 and 4.
Happy is the New Healthy – Advocacy, goal setting and decision-making
Stress Management – Stress management strategies, anxiety and depression
Suicide – Advocacy, support systems and communication skills
For Questions Contact: Phyllis Reed
(720) 498-2059
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