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The Chevrolet small block V8

No description

Jordan Johnson

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of The Chevrolet small block V8

The Chevrolet 350 ci (cubic inches) small block is on of the most common Chevrolet
V8 motor's
This is a photo of a newly rebuilt Chevrolet 350 ci The Chevrolet 350 ci motor first appeared in 1967 Camaro at 295 horsepower respectively. In 1967,68,and 69 Chevrolet put the 350 ci in many cars including the Nova,Corvette,El Camino,Impala,Camaro,Monte Carlo,and Chevelle. There were different models of this motor as they were used for different things such as performance,pulling power, or just going to get the groceries. The stock bore and stroke on a 350 ci is 4.00x 3.48 in. The 350 ci is still in production today standing as one the toughest motors Chevrolet has ever made. There were two popular 350 ci block's the 2 bolt main and the 4 bolt main. The 2 bolt main only had two bolts on each main cap to hold the crank in. The 4 bolt main had 4 bolts holding the crank in on each main cap so it could withstand much more power put towards the crank. This is a set of double hump cylinder heads that are from 1962 (the heads came off of a 327 motor not a 350 but they still fit the 350 small block) These are valves on a Vortec aluminum cylinder head which flow better and is a small combustion chamber which makes a higher compression ratio and it has to burn higher octane gasonline and is much more horsepower.
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