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Reopening the study of extreme social behaviors:

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Hyun Gee Jo

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of Reopening the study of extreme social behaviors:

Reopening the study of extreme social behaviors:

Milgrim Study (1963)
Current study
Ethical way to measure obedience to authority
Added variable: the victim's ethnicity.
Immersive Virtual Environment Technology(IVET)
Validity of replication
Participants: 29 women, out of 31 undergraduates
Immersive Video Milgrim Obedience Experiment (IVMOE)
The explanation & instruction phase
The learning task
The victim's ethnicity informed
The experimental task
The degree of immersion in the IVMOE was marginally related to obedience
The other controlling variables were not significantly related to the level of obedience
Anxiety and depression seem to be more a cause than a consequence of obedience in the IVMOE
The student's reactions in this study were probably more physically violent than those in Milgram's study.
necessary to replicate this experiment with a more representative population.
Underline the usefulness of using immersive environments when studying extreme social behaviors
Obedience to authority within an immersive video environment
Michael Dambrun and Elise Vatine
Questionnaire Measures
Predicting variables of obedience to authority
Psychological health measures
Attribution of responsibility measures
Participants' evaluation of the experiment
Controlling variables
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