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Matthew Obaldo

on 21 March 2013

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Investment Plans Estimates of Profitability Cafe Cristina Obaldo,Matthew
Huelgas,Rochelle 1. Geographic SWOT Matrix STRENGTHS: Share Nowadays, it is common for people to take pictures of what they are eating or drinking and post in the various social networking sites they use.
Cafe Cristina customers also do this since their is free Wi-fi. Customers also post in different social networking sites their statuses and whereabouts.
Friends or followers of these customers will now see these posts and will become interested to visit Cafe Cristina. insert table also:) 1. Seisha Coffee It is located in Unit 4, Camina Bldg. 83 Circumferential Rd. cor. Sto. Nino St., Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo City.

Coffees and Italian Cuisine. 2. Cafe Dozo It is located at the #82 Cirumferential Rd., Brgy. Dalig, Antipolo City.

Coffees and Japanese food. Current Marketing Situation Analysis Market Segmentation Executive Summary Pricing Program Industry Study All information regarding market segmentation, investment plans and other marketing programs were provided by Ms. Corazon Olaylar, Cafe Cristina's controller, and Mr.Bernard Crisanto, the cafe's account.PRODUCTS/SERVICES CAFE CRISTINA CAFE DOZO SEISHA COFFEE
Free Wifi ● ● ●
Atmosphere Relaxing Oriental-inspired Cozy
Unique Experience Filipino comfort food Japanese products Shisha, Italian food
Security ●
Adequate Seats and Tables ● ●
Free Spacious Parking ●
Breakfast ●
Lunch ● ● ●
Dinner ● ● ●
Wine, Beer, and Pulutan ● ● ●
Cakes and Pastries ● ●
Price Range PHP70-200 PHP80-250 PHP95-200
Free Wifi ● ● ●
Atmosphere Relaxing Oriental-inspired Cozy
Unique Experience Filipino comfort food Japanese products Shisha, Italian food
Security ●
Adequate Seats and Tables ● ●
Free Spacious Parking ●
Breakfast ●
Lunch ● ● ●
Dinner ● ● ●
Wine, Beer, and Pulutan ● ● ●
Cakes and Pastries ● ●
Price Range PHP70-200 PHP80-250 PHP95-200 Coffee is the second most consumed beverage in the world, next to water, and the second most traded commodity after petroleum.
The Philippine Coffee Board (PCB) Inc. has reported that an 60,000 metric tons of coffee are being consumed yearly.
Every year, consumption of coffee increases to 20% for the petroleum or specialty kinds and 5% for the ready-to-drink ones.
An average of 8 out of 10 Filipinos consume 2.5 cups of coffee daily. AISAS Model Attention flyers, posters, tarpaulins or billboards. Interests display of cakes and their menu.
themed decorations and paintings. Search With fast and free wifi customers will tend to search Cafe Cristina on their devices so that they can know more about it.
Customers may also look for reviews. Acts due to the good food and service provided by Cafe Cristina, customers will tend to go back again like some of their loyal customers.
Cafe Cristina not only provides quality food and service. They also give detail to the name and the presentation of their products. Located at FBM Building, ML Quezon St., Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City, across Shopwise Antipolo.
Uses strategic locationing in order to market itself
In front of a large grocery and it is near schools (Enopi) and other offices. 2. Demographic Male and female college students.
Ages 18-25 years old.
Living in Rizal Area.
middle to high income (Class A and B) 3. Psychorgraphic Students from Antipolo Area are often prefer to travel by car and some live in dormitories within the vicinity.
Cafe Cristina caters to individuals who want to get their daily cup of great-tasting coffee in a relaxing atmosphere. 4. Behavioral Students and office workers who have the time and the budget to hang out there coffee shop.
Students also tend to visit social networking sites Social Technographics Joiners College students that have Facebook accounts or members of other social networking sites. Spectators Read forums or blogs to know more information about a particular topic or research for either academic or entertainment purposes. Current Product/ Brand Situation Cafe Cristina is owned by Mr. and Mrs. Noel and Cynthia Marinas and managed by their nephew Khalil Marinas Behavior: We satisfy cravings for coffee and dessert
We connect the body and soul through the food and beverage we serve and the inspiring ambiance we have
We adjust to suit the customers’ needs and wants.
We have a peaceful place so that no one will affect the consumer's mood during the coffee time or eating time
We have a good design for the shop as well as caring the consumer’s mood while the consumers are enjoying their meals and coffees
We improved the services and we provide free Wi-fi Purpose: We provide an experience of comfort and indulgence through having a friendly and wholesome environment (decorations, choice of music, etc.) Acts: Signature house blend coffees
Combo meals (rice meal + free drink) Competitive Situation Three indirect competitors can be found in the in the vicinity of Antipolo. The competitors are well known in Antipolo. Like Cafe Cristina, these coffee shops do not only offer coffee, but also other food products. 3. The Coffee Place It is located at Bagong Purok, Brgy. San Jose, Antipolo City.

Their price range for the hot drinks is between Php 65- Php 115.

They also have a wide variety of teas and smoothies.

.The Coffee place offers a merienda promo of Php 168 for a slice of cake with your choice of Iced Chocolate or Ice Latte. Another promo is for Php 160, you get a slice of cake with your choice of Cafe Americano, Cafe Latte or Cappuccino. convenient location (near a subdivision, market and school)
wide variety of homemade pastries, drinks (fruit/milkshakes) , and rice meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)
Combo meals (rice meals + free drinks)
free and spacious parking fast and free wi-fi spacious and has a second floor WEAKNESSES: does not use enough advertising strategies (print ads)
does not make use of the social media to send out information about the company to the public OPPORTUNITIES the coffee industry is stable because of the demand of the consumers THREATS: increasing number of competitors in the area
increasing prices of raw materials Goals and Objectives:
To have more branches and help in the economic growth of the staffs and maintain income. Regarding the customer service, to give their best service to what they can give.
Short term: To introduce their product in the industry and to give their customers good service.
Medium term: To earn income and to provide job opportunities through hiring.
Long term: To sustain and continue in conducting their business and to earn profits. Marketing Mix Strategies Program 1. Facebook Like Page According to statistics provided by socialbakers.com, 35 million Filipinos are Facebook users. They are mostly from the age group of 10-19 and 20-29 years old. 2. Print Advertising Cafe Cristina plans on giving out flyers, and putting up tarpaulins near schools and terminals. The tarpaulins and flyers may include pictures of the cafe’s best sellers, website, contact numbers, as well as promos. 3. Expansion Product Range Cafe Cristina plans on expanding to gain more exposure and to possibly widen their target market. Product variety would also be considered together with branching out. Market Targeting Cafe Cristina targets students, Shopwise shoppers, market shoppers and Church pilgrims. They also aim to serve people who wants to work or study in a relaxed environment. Workers or students can “chill out” or hang out at Cafe Cristina. Product Development and Program Price usually range from Php 70-200 *insert table here about the pricing. Check it out in your paper and you will see naman the topic eh:)* about PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT and PROGRAM Sales and Operations Program One of Cafe Cristina’s objective is to give their best service. To achieve this, the management makes sure that their employees know the rules and regulations of the cafe. It is important for the kitchen to be always neat and tidy to avoid wastes and spoilage because they store fresh products in there. Marketing Communication Program 1.Advertising Program
Online pages, tarpaulins, flyers, Antipolo Help Ads, Rooftop Billboards, and Calling Cards.
La Clinica Cristina, still in the same building
Café Cristina can improve their strategies by putting out flyers to those who have cars in general. They can also use tarpaulins and place them near schools. 2. Sales Promotion Program
discount cards (gift certificates, senior citizen cards, etc.), Christmas gift cheques, and other special holiday promos.
Cafe Cristina can start offering student promos like discounts to those who could show a valid ID upon purchase. 3. Public Relations Program
Suggestion box
Café Cristina should continue in catering to that lifestyle by providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and coffee. The café should also serve as a hangout place for students at night because they can enjoy their coffees and a wholesome environment. Cafe Cristina is planning on loaning P500,000 from a bank in order to make certain improvements. They are planning to pay-off their investments through their income. The cafe’s target income per day is P20,000, P10,000 being the breakeven. The management motivates their employees by giving them certain incentives. Evaluation of Results Cafe Cristina has a great future ahead.
The use of social networking sites in promoting their products can be very helpful.
However, they should continue serving great food and coffees and providing excellent service. Surely, the Cafe Cristina experience is a must try for everyone. All information regarding market segmentation, investment plans, and other marketing programs were provided by Ms. Corazon Olaylar, Cafe Cristina’s controller, and Mr. Bernard Crisanto, the cafe’s accountant.
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