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An Organizational Learning Framework: From Intuition to Instiuion


hijab shah

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of An Organizational Learning Framework: From Intuition to Instiuion

An Organizational Learning Framework:
From Intuition to Institution Understanding the learning process:The Apple Story Phase 2 The 4I Framework of Organizational Learning Harpreet-3537742
Dalya Abdulla_4098146
Farah _ 3199927
Mohammed-4087057 PATHWAY
The 4I Framework of Organizational Learning
Understanding the Learning Process: The Apple Story
Organizational Learning as a Dynamic Process
The beginning process of organizational learning that occurs solely at an individual level

Involves the preconscious recognition of past patterns and/or future possibilities and may not be describable in literal language

Because of this, imagery and metaphors aid individuals in communicating their vision to others Interpreting The conscious process of learning in which individuals develop cognitive maps about their environment based on language and communication shared within a group in which they operate
A social activity where meanings and common languages are formed and images are clarified
Serves as a bridge between individual and group learning in an organization The process that ensures that a routine action occur.

It is the process that embed learning that individual and group has occurred into the organization.

includes system, structure, procedure and strategy. The process of developing shared understanding among individuals.

Dialog and joint action are crucial to the development of shared understanding Integrating Institutionalizing Intuiting Organizational Learning is the principle means of achieving strategic renewal in an organization

Renewal requires that organizations exploit what they know while exploring new ways to do things

These objectives compete for scarce resources causing a tension, which contributes to the dynamic nature of an organization

Organizational learning occurs over three levels: individual, group, and organization and is linked together by four processes: intuiting, interpreting, integrating, and institutionalizing.

These four processes are related in the exploration and exploitation practices that occur across organizational levels Introduction Using the intuitive process Steve Jobs created certain images about future possibilities and founded Apple.
Communication played an important role as the insights of Apple were getting more complicated through the interpretive process.
In order to develop shared understanding Jobs used conversation and dialogue which helped to integrate the cognitive maps of the group.
Institutionalization was the hope that the learning would become more systematically exploited which enhanced the operations in order to develop the best vision of the founder. Feedback

Institutionalizing Group Organization Group Individual Feedback Feed Forward INTEGRATING INTERPRETING INTUITING Organization Individual Organizational Learning as a Dynamic Process INSTITUTIONALIZING The theory of organizational Learning has been described by the 4 Is framework.
It incorporates its dynamic multilevel nature and the interplay between process and levels.
The framework should provide clarity, promote dialogue and encourage new directions in further research.
The organizational learning will enable healthy strategic renewal. Conclusion REFERENCE
Crossan,M.M. (1999). An Organizational learning framework : From Intuition to Institution. The Academy of Management Review. 24 (3), 522-537.

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