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The Shadow Club by Neal Shusterman

No description

Lauren Stigler

on 27 October 2013

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Transcript of The Shadow Club by Neal Shusterman

The Shadow Club By: Neal Shusterman
Rising Action
Each member of the Shadow Club does practical jokes to their unbeatable.The first one was that Jared played a practical joke towards Austin by putting a spider on his head, which Austin is afraid of. The spider was stepped on and it died. This was a double prank because the spider was an unbeatables spider that he loved. Another member put green slime in a unbeatable's trumpet. Another member broke into an unbeatables house and painted the boys toenails red while he was sleeping. Cheryl put a snake into a unbeatables thermos for lunch. And the last prank was taking a unbeatables dairy and printing off embarrassing parts of her diary and posting them all over school. But when doing these pranks, no one ever found out that they are the ones who pulled them.
There is a boy named Tyson McGaw and he listens in on the shadow clubs meeting and then Jared finds out embarrassing stuff about him, to make sure Tyson wont tell anybody about the Shadow Club and what they are doing. But, Tyson told the principal about the Shadow Club, but Jared isn't telling him anything because it is a secret club
In the book “The Shadow Club” by Neal Shusterman, there is a boy named Jared who is always taking second place to his archival Austin Pace in running. Austin is always making Jared feel bad about getting second place to him. So, Jared and his best friend Cheryl, who is also a best singer in the school to her co, form a group for the people who are always getting second best. The point of the group was to talk out feelings and know that someone else is in your shoes and play practical jokes to the people who they always get second place to, who the shadow club refers to as the unbeatables. The story takes place during school and at the Shadow Club’s meeting place in the woods, also known as, Stonehedge.

Rising action
After the principal found out about the Shadow Club, bad things started happening to the unbeatables and all the shadow club members were determined it was Tyson. Some of the bad things that happened were blowing up a school fish tank, taking someones bike breaks, and stealing the principals camera. Jared felt a lot of hatred towards Tyson so the shadow club all decided to teach Tyson a lesson. They went to his house and beat him up and took him to Stonehedge and forced him to fess up for what he had done. But he didn't fess up so they forced him into the water and drowned him. When he was found up on shore 10 minutes later by the shadow club, he ran. After Tyson left the Shadow Club confessed that they all pulled the really bad pranks too and so Tyson didnt really do anything.
Jared went to find Tyson to apologize and found Tyson's house on fire. Jared saved Tyson from the fire and realized Tyson set the house on fire because that s how his parents died when he was little. Jared also found out that Tyson was a pyromaniac. The Shadow Club all were in trouble and were suspended from school and even though Jared didn't do any pranks he took most of the blame. Jared and Cheryl decided to dissolve the Shadow Club. But in the end Jared and Tyson became best of friends even through everything that happened.
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