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My Utopian Society

My Utopian Society

Gina Nasca

on 17 December 2010

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Transcript of My Utopian Society

Values: Values 1) Empathy:
The ability to understand someone elses feelings, situations, and motives in life
This will teach us how to accept others, no matter our differences 2) Mutual Respect:
When each parties respect the thoughts of others, no matter how much they are against the other 3) Love:
Affection to another person
This can help us focus on the similarities between people instead of what is different so there will be no racism towards anyone 4) Layolty:
Being faithful to one another
This will stop everyone from hurting eachother behind our backs, which means no drama or fights between one another. 5) Honesty:
This will help us accept our flaws and try our best to be the better person and the best we can be. Beliefs Everyone is allowed to believe whatever they want. They also have the right to announce what they believe in, and everyone will have tolerance for others beliefs. Restrictions Based on the 10 commandments 1) Honor your mother and father 2) You shall not kill 3) You shall not commit adultry 4) You shall not steal Freedoms 1) Everyone is allowed to vote 2)Everyone is allowed to believe and think what they wish 3)Everyone can make their own decisions 4) Freedom of speech How it functions 1) There is no government, it is run by the people. Once a month, everyone gets together and discusses major topics 2) In the Forum of the town, there is a box where people can put down their ideas and everyone discusses it and comes up with a compromise 3) If someone violates the law, they are forced to do community service or jail time. There is no capital punishment no matter how bad the crime is. 4) Everyone in my society is encouraged to live their live to the fullest. So an average day of a citizen is that they do something spontaneous like sky diving, mountain climbing, etc. 5) Yet, children are forced by law to go to school and get an education still. Once they graduate college, they are independent. Comparison Fahrenheit 451:
Everyone in my society is encouraged to be like Clarisse. They should think outside the box more often.
People in my Utopian Society are also encouraged to stand up for what they believe in, no matter what anyone else says about them
Just like how it symbolizes seeing their real self, my society encourages being who they really are. Anthem:
Just like how Equality 7-2521 discovered the lightbulb, the people are encouraged to use their imagination and knowledge and put them to good use. All their ideas could help the society somehow
In Anthem, it symbolizes people seeing themselves as a individual. People in my society are encouraged to see their importance within the society Lord of the Flies:
At the beginning of the story, everyone is civilized. People in my society are encouraged to be civilized people, not barbaric
Like Ralph, my society has hope for the future.
Piggys glasses also represent hope and responsibility. People are also encouraged to be responsible for what they do
Ralph is a leader in this book. In my society, people are encouraged to be leaders as much as they possibly can. Apollo Apollo 6) Abortion is not allowed. Apollo:
My Utopian Society named after the Roman god, Apollo
Apollo is the god of truth and light
The End By: Gina Nasca God Apollo What it looks like
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