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The Engineering Process

No description

William Barber

on 17 October 2017

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Transcript of The Engineering Process

Work Period-App Description

-Write a short paragraph that sells your app to a customer.
-It should include:
1. What the app solves?
2. What are the apps features?
3. What makes it different from other apps.
4.Show Mr. Barber when finished then you are able to start LOGO design.
Group Reading Expectations.
1. 1 VOICE!
2. Everyone will be engaged and i will randomly stop to quiz people on reading.
3. If student answers question correct it is 1 coin.
Mini Lesson
The Engineering Process
M: In your seat
V: Level 0
P: If you could have a logo for your design, what would it be and why?
Day 2
-Group reading on creating a model based on solving a problem
Logo Design
1. On chrome book go to www.graphicsprings.com.
2. Select your background app.
3. Insert any text.
4. Download App.
5. The App logo than can be put onto Microsoft word, with the description!

Debrief-Share out

What were some issues that occurred? Was it tough to think of a problem?
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