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The Hobbit: An Unexpected Prezi

By Evan Collins and Mario Figliola

Evan Collins

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Prezi

By Evan Collins The Hobbit: An Unexpected Prezi The Ordinary World Call to adventure Refusal To Call To Adventure Meets a Mentor Bilbo’s call to adventure in The Hobbit was when Gandalf came and told Bilbo about the dwarves situation. They have a huge party and they ask him to be their burglar on their journey. Thisis the Call To Adventure because when Gandalf told Bilbo that he was the designated burglar it made his Took side come out. Also, they’re going on the adventure to bring back the lost object and defeat Smaug. Refusal To Call To Adventure is where the hero is in complete denial and doesn't even want to think of the possibility of themselves being a hero in any way. Bilbo’s refusal to the adventure was when he did not want to leave the food and comfort of his home when the dwarfs were getting ready to set out on their journey. A quote that expresses his refusal is, “I am quite sure you came to the wrong house.” This describes Bilbo being in denial about the dwarfs and how they must be at the wrong house because there’s no way he could be an adventurous burglar they are inquiring he is. In this step, the a mentor reveals him/herself. These mentors normally have special powers and they guide the hero along their journey, helping them out in tough situations. Gandalf is a wizard and he is Bilbo’s mentor on the adventure. Here are some was Gandalf helps Bilbo on his heroic journey: 1. Gandalf knows people on the journey that can help guide them on their adventure. 2. Gandalf gives Bilbo courage. 3. Gandalf believes in Bilbo. 4. Gandalf watches over Bilbo. 5. Gandalf trained Bilbo well. 6. Gandalf uses magical powers to help with the dwarves. Bilbo’s ordinary world is his safe and secure life in his hobbit hole. He was born to two very different parents. His father was a regular hobbit and his mother was a hobbit with an adventurous spirit named Belladonna Took. Crossing the Threshold Crossing The Threshold is when they leave their familiar every day normal life and go into the new world. Bilbo did this in the Hobbit when he woke up the morning after the party with dwarves and ran off after them to join them on their adventure. Along the way on the journey he meets many things that would have been absurd and completely unnatural to him if he was still living in his hobbit hole. Return Home The 12th step is the Hero Returns Home With an Elixir. When the hero returns home, they bring back new wisdom and cultural values. When Bilbo returns home he is less respected by the hobbits in his community, but he gains respect from many new creatures. This is because he is adventurous. This is the wisdom he brings back with him on his journey home. A quote from the book is, "My dear Bilbo!" he said. "Something is the matter with you! You are not the same hobbit that you were." This quote explains that when Bilbo returns home he brings back a new wisdom that he didn’t have before and only gained it because he had gone on the journey with the dwarves.
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