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Kroka Winter Semester 2017

No description

Sharon Webster

on 9 October 2017

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Transcript of Kroka Winter Semester 2017

My Winter Semester with Kroka Expeditions
Sharon Webster
Welcome to Base Camp
Daily life - chores, mealtime, curfew
Training - skiing, running, core time
Expedition prep - nutrition, gear, navigation
Leg III: Uapishka Mountains
Winter Expedition: Skiing
Leg II: Chic-Choc Mountains
focus on backcountry skiing and downhill techniques, Quebec history and culture, study of indigenous groups, Homer's
Kroka Farm in Marlow, NH
Overview Map (or what to expect over the next 5 months)
Base Camp Jan 16 - Feb 7
Vermont Leg
Chic-Choc Mtns Feb 23
Uapishka Mtns
Northwoods Pt 1 March 28
Northwoods Pt 2 April 17
Rowing May 3
Mountain Biking
Base Camp May 29-June 10
Countdown to Expedition
Training Mind and Body
3...Food Pack-Out
1...Road Trip!
Our Time at Koviashuvik:
Learning Living School in Temple, ME

Reading of
The Education of Little Tree
Brown Ash Basketry with Ashirah
Tool Sharpening
Handwork / Goodness Projects

Community Connection
The Art of Homesteading
Catamount Trail in Vermont
focus on wilderness survival skills, winter ecology, weather observations, navigation with map and compass
Our academic curriculum:
Mountains Within
Humans and Nature
Living on Earth/New England Ecology
Finding our Place/Humanities
Northwoods: Our Northern Base Camp
Paddling: Exploration by Canoe
Rowing Lake Champlain
Parc Nationale de la Gaspésie
in Island Pond, VT...we established our new home, "Honey Hollow"
Forrest (Asa) Carter's work, contrasted with his former racist and anti-Semitic speech writing, brought out important questions regarding truth and a human being's capacity for change.
Processing acorns into daily sustenance^

100 miles down the Clyde River into Lake Memphremagog, across the border to Canada with a 6 mile long grand portage, and into the Mississquoi watershed to the head of Lake Champlain
Practiced bow and stern positions, partner and team communication, self and assisted rescues, and the use of a rescue rope and boat recovery
Pilot gigs and Scottish Isle skiffs carried us from the northern end of Lake Champlain down to the locks of Whitehall, New York
Journey Home
Mountain Biking
Work trade at Someday Farms
Crafting our Book of Wisdom Pages
Scoring and pounding ash logs
A little how-to:
1. Crack the shells with a Dave Bilt Machine
2. Separate and sift
3. Leech in a river or sink
4. Sample and cook up some acorn pancakes or cookies!
Farmington Grange Hall for contra dance!
meeting for morning class
circling up for a song and prayer
The Lights
Souls shimmer over head
Ghostly silent and pure
They ebb and flow
Creeping higher to the stars
Before falling like a glistening waterfall
To the horizon
Pale green glimmers
Like fluttering leaves in spring
Accentuated with rosy red beams
Slowly the dancing souls
Leave the sharp stars
To resume their stoic vigil
But their memory shimmers on
In the mind of the beholder
Like a crystal of thought
Precious pure and indescribable
From the blog:
We didn't have any major snow storms during our expedition, besides a northeast gale that blew strong for two days straight. We had set up camp on a plateau surrounded on every side by breathtaking views. The nor’easter blew through the trees hitting our tent with all its force, and at moments it felt as if the tent would blow away despite all our well-fastened lines. We even had to reinforce the tent door using ski poles so it wouldn't fly open, sending waves of cold air through the tent. Although the temperature itself wasn't all that cold, with wind chill it felt absolutely frigid. We had to cover every centimeter of skin while working outside to prevent frost bite.
Other things you can do with a helmet: cave exploration and climbing!
Chris Knapp and son, Owen
Parents' Weekend
Grant and Samuel
began our projects de-issuing winter gear, boiling sap to make syrup, community service, and preparing for spring expedition!
two examples of big job work: Alessio, our sewing manager, fashioning a tarp and Grant and Samuel, our navigators, mapping out the course we will take paddling and biking
stopping for a quick lunch break!
While at the helm, Laszlo provides his crew with a little music
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