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Copy of Time Table Generator

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h kh

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Time Table Generator

Time Table Generator
The construction of a time table is a common problem for all institutions of higher education. Time table generation may be for staff allocation or may be for exams. Quite often it is done by hand or with the limited help of a simple administration system and usually involves taking the previous year’s timetable and modifying it so it will work for the New Year.
Every year a new timetable must be produced to take account of staff, student and course changes causing a necessarily large amount of administrative work.
So there has to be a prototype system for Timetabling of both exams and courses
This will include an interactive windows based iconic user interface so that the user can work with the system and home in on a good solution.
Our aim with this project is to produce a feasible prototype for the time table generator, since this is the highest rated and unsolved problem. Our attempt is just to construct and compute the schedule for a school with a static algorithm. This problem can be better solved with GA's and MA's but they are to sophisticated algorithm to be handeled by naive developers
Front End:



Mile stones
Requirements Speifications

Technology Learning



Merging Front-End with Back-End

Integration Testing

• Class Diagram
• Use Case Diagram
• Activity Diagram
• Sequence Diagram
• Collaboration Diagram
• Component Diagram
• Data Flow Diagram

Class Diagram
Use Case Diagram
Activity Diagram
Sequence Diagram
Collaboration Diagram
Component Diagram
Database Schema
Results & Comparative Study
We added this system to generate the timetable for schools in our vicinity. The use of this algorithm in our example problem led to the timetable consistently better than the handmade ones in terms of time consumption and efficiency.

The implementation successfully optimizes the scheduling for targeted institutes in much brighter way than anticipated in the manual approach. It successfully supports all the hard constraints that are expected to be working in such systems.

Further Work

The solution for the problem is not completely useful if we see in a global perspective. This is because the system developed is not applicable for large institutes like universities and colleges. Our future concern is to expand this system into an intelligent system by adding up better algorithms like Genetic algorithms and Backtracking Algorithms.
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