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Should students wear school uniforms?

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Kailee Bowen

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Should students wear school uniforms?

Should students wear school uniforms?
By: Kailee Bowen
Students should not wear school uniforms.
Students should express themselves with clothes they want to wear.
Uniforms can be expensive and cause the need to buy other clothes for the weekend and after school activities.
It gives students freedom for what they want to wear and students who have to wear uniforms might feel uncomfortable around people who don't have to wear uniforms.
Wearing uniforms can improve students learning and it makes it unlikely for kids to be picked on for their clothing choices.
Uniforms reduce the need for teachers to be "clothing police." (determining whether shorts are too short.)
If students are wearing a school uniform instead of their individual clothing maybe it will decrease the chance of kids wear "gang" signs or inappropriate signs.
If students followed the dress code then teachers wouldn't have to be "clothing police."
The clothes are not the root of bullying and therefore the bullying will continue, regardless of dress policy.
If students do show up with "gang" signs, the teacher can tell the student to turn their shirt inside out or change into a different one.
Do to all of those reasons, students should not have to wear school uniforms.
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