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introudution to the crucible by arthur miller

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Chris Aguirre

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of introudution to the crucible by arthur miller

Salem Witch Trails
-Centuries ago, many christians, had a strong belief that the devil could give certain people (witches) powers to harm others in return for their loyalty.
About the crucible

The Crucible by Arthur Miller
-It started in 1692 in the home of Samuel Paris. His daughter and niece threw things, screamed and uttered peculiar sounds. A physician blamed them as supernatral.
The Puritan church
Puritan video
-It started in 1692 in the home of Samuel Paris. His daughter and niece threw things, screamed and uttered peculiar sounds. A physician blamed them as super natural
-The girls blamed 3 women for their behavior.Tibuba ,Sarah Good, Sarah Osborne.
-More than 200 people were accused of practicing witch craft. 20 people were executed.
Puritan minister were among some of the most early outspoken supporters of the anti-slavery movement
Tituba described images of black dogs, red cats, a yellow bird and a "black man" who wanted her to sign his book. She admitted to signing it and said there were several other witches looking to destroy the puritans.
Puritans kept the first diaries and they wrote the first love letters
Osborne claimed innocence. Tituba confessed "the devil came to me and bid me to serve him.
Early years
His success
Arthur miller was married three times.
About the writer:Arthur miller
Life in Puritan New England was harsh and the church wielded great power and influence
Arthur miller was born October 17 ,1915 in new york city. Only after miller had graduated high school in 1932 did he think to become a writer.He attended city college for two weeks. then work with his farther in an auto parts warehouse to earn money to attend the university of Michigan. he graduated in 1938 having won several awards for play writing.
left England to practice more freely
Not interested in freedom of other religions
Structured social around church
Millers career blossomed with the opening of "All my sons" in 1947. the play won three awards .Then "Death Of A Salesman" in 1949 which won the Pulitzer Prize and also brought him and income of 2 million dollars. Then in 1953 he wrote "The Crucible" a play that was set in 1692 Salem Massachusetts a time when many people were accused of being witches.
Legends of people burned as witches
Arthur Miller
Puritan are ancestors of 8 million Americans
The Crucible by Arthur miller
Salem Witch Trails

End of 17th century puritans had altered the world of which they have arrived finding success where others found only death and desolation
Later years
despite the absence of success in the 1960's millers has a secure reputation as a major figure in american drama and in addition to the Pulitzer prize miller has several other awards
Antoinette Perry Award(achievement in theater) 1947 & 1953
Emmy Award(television broadcasting)1967
George Foster Peabody Award 1981
first wife was Mary Slattery who he left on June in 1956
he second wife was Marilyn Monroe who he married on June 25 and she had also stared in his play "after the fall"
then in 1962 he married his third wife Inge Morath
Inge morath
Marilyn Monroe
Mary slattery
Mary slatery
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