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The Student Engaged Administrator

Shaping high school climate and culture through principal-student connections.

Roy` Sandoval

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of The Student Engaged Administrator

The Student Engaged Administrator Shaping high school climate and culture through Principal-Student connections Roy Sandoval
Tim Fruth
Alchesay High School,
Whiteriver, Arizona A little about us...a little about Whiteriver...
a little about Alchesay High School. Today's Objectives: You will be able to:
Describe components critical to defining an engaged administrator.
You will attain an understanding of your (or your Principal's) level of engagement as an administrator.
You will determine an area where you can increase your effectiveness in engaging students.
Share some experiences & Have Fun! Visibility vs. Engaging?
How do they look?
What difference do they make? So what does it take? Gotta love (like) kids! You've got to be the initiator
on their territory: "Going to where the students are."
Eating lunch with them.
Purposely walking halls student centers.
Finding common ground for conversation. Never never give up!
Never never give in! Know their names, call them by name.
Make eye contact.
Make physcial contact: high fives, fists etc.
Get in the game! Seek them out to acknowledge accomplishments.
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