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No description

susan O'Byrne

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of gmat

And one more thing...
six weeks before applications due
Paris, Brussels, Aix en Provence
GMAT required for MSc & MBA
in English all over the world
how long?
how much?
What score?
How much?
end April 2015
4 hours
How long?
5 years
qwerty keyboard
7 sections
AWA (essay)
Integrated Reasoning
Data Sufficiency
Problem Solving
Reading Comprehension
Sentence Correction
Critical Reasoning
Analysis of an argument
37 quantitative questions
75 minutes
22 Problem Solving questions
15 Data Sufficiency questions
Choices for Data Sufficiency questions

A) Statement 1 alone is sufficient to answer the question

B) Statement 2 alone is sufficient to answer the question

C) Statements 1 and 2 taken together are sufficient to answer the question

D) Either statement alone is sufficient to answer the question

E) Statements 1 and 2 together are insufficient to answer the question
Which copy machine, X or Y , makes copies at the faster rate?

1) Machine X makes 90 copies per minute.

2) In three minutes, X makes 1.5 more copies than Y.
What is 45 per cent of 7 twelfths of 240?

A) 63
B) 90
C) 108
D) 140
E) 311
41 verbal questions
75 minutes
15 Sentence Correction questions
Four Reading Comprehension sets
12 Critical Reasoning questions
The possibility of massive earthquakes are regarded by most area residents with a mixture of skepticism and caution.
A are regarded by most area residents with
B is regarded by most area residents with
C is regarded by most area residents as
D is mostly regarded by area residents with
E by most area residents is regarded with
Subject matter: natural sciences, social sciences

Passages vary from 150 to 325 words

3-4 questions par passage

Scan and skim the passages

2-3 minutes reading; 1 minute per question
A drug which is highly effective in treating many types of infection can, at present, be obtained only from the bark of the ibora, a tree that is quite rare in the wild. It takes the bark of 5,000 trees to make one kilogram of the drug. It follows, therefore, that continued production of the drug must inevitably lead to the ibora’s extinction.
Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument above:

A) The drug is dispensed to doctors from a central authority.
B) The drug is expensive to produce.
C) The leaves of the ibora are used in a number of medical products.
D) The ibora can be propogated from cuttings and grown under cultivation.
E) The ibora generally grows in inaccessible places.
GMAT Time Management is Key
CAT (computer adaptive test)

Double penalty for unanswered questions at end (more heavily penalised than wrong answers)

No skipping a question is allowed

No double checking possible

Pacing is all important – not too fast, not too slow!
Try to average 2 minutes per question
How to prepare for the GMAT
Free online tests

Blackboard Preparing GMAT course

GMATPrep software when you register online

Material available at the LRC
Integrated Reasoning
Tests ability to sort through data
in spread sheets, graphs, articles.

On-screen calculator
Table analysis
Graphics Interpretation
Multi-source Reasoning
-sort data by column
-determine accuracy of
4/5 statements
2/3 questions in
drop-down menus
Two-part Analysis
Determine two correct
components of an answer
-three tabbed pages
-3 or 4 yes/no questions
And one more thing...
Remember, tame that cat!
For MSc at EDHEC
Four question types
30 minutes 12 questions
Integrated Reasoning
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