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Salary Negotiation

No description

Veronica Heiskell

on 31 May 2017

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Transcript of Salary Negotiation

Let's talk negotiation...
What goes into a successful negotiation?
Salary Negotiation
How to get the salary you deserve!
Why negotiate your salary?
Finding your worth & bottom line
If you're asked about salary...
Now you try!
Split into groups of three and practice the following scenarios:
Before an Offer is Made:
So what do you need to know?
Average salary based on education/experience
My bottom line
Finding Your Salary Benchmarks
Graduate Status Report
NACE Calculator
Finding your bottom line
Take-Home Pay
Creating a Monthly Budget
Remember, your salary is based on:
What's your target range?
Salary.com Median: $43,607
Graduate Status Report Median: $45,000
NACE Calculator: $45,000
My range: $42,000 to $48,000
Avoid filling out salary information on applications
Avoid being the first to state a salary
While I'm excited about the job, it depends on the offer. I'd be happy to respond to a specific offer.
After an Offer is Made:
Continue to avoid being the first to state a salary
I deserve a salary commensurate with my experience
I'll consider any reasonable offer
What do you typically offer well-qualified candidates?
Based on my research, someone with my experience and education in this location earns between $XX,000 and $XX,000, with a median salary of $XX,000
Do your research in advance
Be confident in your abilities
Have examples of your experiences ready to go for negotiation
Highlight how your experiences can help the company
Assessment of your capabilities
Market rates for the job
Your negotiation ability!
Understanding Benefits...
Monetary Benefits:
Guaranteed % raises
Yearly bonuses
Signing bonus
Profit sharing
Stock options
Non-Monetary Benefits:
Company car
Travel stipend
Relocation assistance
On-site child care
Health insurance
Dental and optical!
Professional development
Guaranteed review dates
Extra vacation days
Home equipment usage
Tuition reimbursement
During an interview the employer asks you "What would it take for you to accept this job?"
An employer offers you a position and asks "What is your ideal starting salary?"
An employer offers you a salary that is $5,000 below your minimum. What do you do?
An employer gives you an offer and states it is only on the table if you say yes then and there. What do you do?
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