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What is the difference between spanking and child abuse

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Keely Bradley

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of What is the difference between spanking and child abuse

What is child abuse?
1. Hitting or beating a child with a closed fist or another object.
2. Child abuse leaves marks sometimes permanent.
What is a swat?
Other types
Child abuse is more than just hitting or beating. Other types of child abuse include Drug affected babies, shaken baby syndrome, sexual abuse, neglect, medical neglect, abandonment, mental injuries, domestic abuse and selling custody of a child without going through the adoption process.
Spanking the right way
1. Only spank on a clothed bottom
2. Always spank in private.
3. Explain what they did wrong and why they are being spanked
4. Tell how many spanks they are receiving.
5. After spanking ask them if they know what they did wrong
6. Don't forget to tell them you love them.
Spanking should never be harsh
Knowing the rules will help them respect you as a parent.
People make mistakes
All people including children make mistakes. An accidental mistake is not something to spank over.
Normal child behavior includes: throwing tantrums; nose picking, lying, arguing and even stealing. they need to learn to not do it.
What is the Difference between Spanking and Child Abuse?
What is a spank?
1. Open handed
2. Leaves no marks
3. meant to be felt and heard
Signs of child abuse include bruises or cuts, burns or scalds, head injuries, poisoning, fractures and sprains, internal injuries, electrical shock and even death.
Never spank for something not important
1. Open handed
2. meant to be heard more than felt.
3. leaves no marks.
4. Intended to startle child not hurt them.
Spanking too often will confuse a child. Spanking for minor mistakes is not proper parenting.
A parent shouldn't spank just because the child made them angry. Acting upon emotions teaches bad lessons.
There will always be people for and against spanking.
Researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have done studies on the effect of spanking children at a young age.
The study asked parent if they have ever spanked, if they receive letters home from school about behavioral issues, and if they have to have meetings with their children's teachers about behavior. The research showed spanking could have an effect on the way a child behaves.
“Parents who are stressed out or angry are more likely to expose their children to that anger,” says Slade.

There are parents out there who believe spanking is okay.
Dr. Safir says “I was spanked as a child, spanked my own children when necessary and i believe the occasional use of physical punishment -- not abuse -- can be an effective tool for parents.”
Many people say they were spanked and they turned out okay; but researchers ask what is okay?
Spanking introduces anger in to a child's life at an earlier stage then they might learn it. Studies show spanking could also effect the way someone handles a situation. Instead of thinking rationally people act upon emotion.
Since not every bad action deserves a spanking alternative punishments may be necessary.
Here are just a few ways you can enforce discipline without spanking:
1.Time outs are effective
a. small action sit in a chair in a corner for a few minutes
b. large action send them to their room for awhile.
2. In public a squeeze on the arm is an effective tool.
3. Take a toy away. If it is of importance the child will miss it and won't want it taken away again.
Every punishment has its flaws and not every child listens to all of them. Some may be more defiant it all depends on the child and how a parent handles certain situations.

I myself don't believe spanking is bad if you do it the correct way. I'm not saying every parent should spank but if that's the path they choose doing it correctly is not abuse.
Studies show spanking could cause behavioral issues but i believe that happens when you spank too often.
Always report abuse. Abuse in any form is wrong.
I think if it's done responsibly it can be a very effective tool in child discipline.
Children are going to be bad and that is always going to be a problem. It is okay to spank just be careful when and how you do it.
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