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useless prezi dumb

for Tessler

noah prodzinski

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of useless prezi dumb

MIDDLE SCHOOL..... bad good science math band language geography shop el kabonger explore tech GAMES SHHH.... DUMB PINIK assighnment classes 5th grade 5th grade was awesome because we went to eagle bluff and that was fun and the teachers were great. 6th grade 6th grade was awesome we got to make puppets and the teachers were awesome and we didnt do much. 7th grade 7th grade was pretty neat the summer was better though the teachers i didnt really like though besides some. 8th grade sports football baseball wrestling frogman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 8th grade was a alright year for me but some of the classes sucked like reading but some were good to like art. gd
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