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Ancient Greece

No description

Nick Lackzo

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece
The Gimbal
Philo of Byzantium (280220 BC) invented the Gimbal.(strickland,2013)
The description of the first gimbal was an eight-sided ink pot with an opening on each side, which can be turned so that while any face is on top, a pen can be dipped and inked - yet the ink never runs out through the holes of the other sides.(scott,2013)
The gimbal was later revised for usage in fishing. Showing the yaw, pitch, and roll.(scott,2013)
Also the Gimbal over time turned to usage for a compass and a gyroscope.(Strickland,2013)
The Gimbal was originally made with metal rings and plate and ink was used to demonstrate the balance.(strickland,2013)
6. Lastly the Gimbal can actually change shifting movements on flat surfaces with way the Gimbal was designed.(Ezine,2013)
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