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Things soldiers did for fun in the civil war

No description

Armani Fair

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Things soldiers did for fun in the civil war

The End
Soldiers in the civil war did plenty of things I'm sure I left out. But those were some of the things they did. Thanks for watching!
Writing to loved ones
Some soldiers would spend their time writing letters to people they loved or cared about . They tried to write as many letters as possible, every opportunity they had. So they carried paper and pens with them while in the army.
Soldiers would often get bored so they had to do something to pass the time. They would play with cards they'd also play football like games. They'd often get hurt during those. They'd also gamble. They played chess and other things like cards.
Soldiers would also sing songs and play the instruments they had. They'd sing basic songs like
Home! Sweet Home!
sleeping/ resting places
Sleeping is very important thing. But what they slept on varied. Soldiers in the south slept on rugs and home made pillows. But in the north they slept in tents of lean-to's
Things soldiers did for fun in the civil war
Soldiers would often drink.They would drink liquor and beer. They drank lots of coffee too.
Soldiers, of course, had to eat too. They didn't always have much to eat and they needed food that would last. A food that would last a long time was Hardtack. It was a cracker like thing but it was made of cornmeal and water. They also drank lots of coffee. They drank it every day. They used it to stay up and just to drink something. They also ate meats and other things
these are lean-to's
Work Cited
Armani Fair
music by: Tamar Braxton: Love And War
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