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One flew over the Cuckoos Nest

Ken Kesey

Kristin Taubenrauch

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of One flew over the Cuckoos Nest

by Ken Kesey One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Chief Bromden, narrator of the novel, is a paranoid schizophrenic mental patient, who experiences hallucinations and delusions while slowly recovering his sanity
His hallucinations and obsessive fears require the reader to distinguish between his fantasies and his reality
His character is important not only because he tells the story but also because of the way his character changes throughout the novel
From a frightened man, who pretends to be deaf and dumb to one who takes responsibility for his own freedom Chief Bromden, a schizophrenic hero Chief Bromden, a comic figure His self-image is in a way comic, because of his actual height, which is six-foot- eight
The fact that his self esteem is so low makes him think about himself as little
At the end he recreated himself in his own best image: strong, independent, sensitive, sympathetic and loving McMurphy is Chief Bromden's vision of what a hero should be like
He becomes a metaphor for Chief Bromden's own development and of what he becomes like
He shows others how to stand up for themselves, to challenge conformity to society and to be who they want to be
McMurphy revitalizes the hope of the patients
The changes Chief Bromden undergoes is a journey to recovered sanity and humanity
Chief Bromden's growth towards health and an understanding of himself and his society McMurphy vs. Chief Bromden McMurphy's rebellion against Nurse Ratched is a metaphor for the counterculture movement of the time. He represented the free spirited hippies who believed everyone deserved a shot at happiness
While the nurse represented those, who wanted everything to be uniform and nothing to be spontaneous Chief Bromden
a schizophrenic character Cultural aspects Depicts the polarity between the many and the one
Mass society, the norms, social forces and the must to fit in
Social forces of conformity
Free individual running
Devotion of the expression of individual identity Connections/Similarities to other novels Morality
Good versus Evil
Anti-feminism - superiority of males
Human freedom vs. control Chief Bromden's illusions
Chief Bromden believes in the "fog" and the power of the "Combine." .

The fog is, on an individual level, a kind of mental dimness or confusion that also represents the thickness of delusion and suffering that prevents Chief Bromden from seeing his true situation and his true selve. The Combine is a repressive institution and all the individual wheels and cogs in it that ensure that the inmates stay quietly.
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