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The Candy Makers

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on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of The Candy Makers

The main characters, setting, and plot (continued on next frame).


The main characters of this book are Max, Daisy, Logan, Philip, and Miles. Max is one of the workers at the Life is Sweet candy factory. He is the one who gives the kids a tour of the factory. Daisy is one of the contestants of the competition. She is not a contestant to win, she is just there because she is a spy and she needs to get the secret ingredient for a client.
Written by: Wendy Mass
Genre: realistic fiction
Prezi made by: Mallory Chylla
The Candy Makers
Think about the main character of the story. Compare and contrast the main character with another important character.
Main Character
: The main character of "The Candy makers" is Logan. Another important character in the story is Daisy.
They both are contestants in the candy making contest. Similarly, they both had seen Philip before the contest. They both help Philip try to win the contest.
Logan is the Candy Makers son. In contrast, Daisy is not the Candy Makers son or daughter. Daisy is a spy and Logan is not. Differently, Logan lived in the factory his whole life and Daisy hadn't.
The main characters, setting, and plot (continued).
First Daisy, Logan, Philip, and Miles take a tour of the factory with Max. Then, they start making candy. After that, they all run into each other at night.Philip reveals that he needs to win for the company to survive and Daisy reveals that she is a spy. Then, they all work together to make Philip's candy harmonica work. Next, they go to the competition. If you want to find out whether or not Philip's creation wins, read the book!
This is the plot.
The main characters, setting, and plot (continued).
The setting of "The Candymakers" is in the past and in Spring Haven. I know that it is in the past because I know that early in time, honey was eaten or used right from the hives, and that is how they make their honey at the factory. I know it is in Springhaven because the first chapter is titled, "Spring Haven Herald." This tells me that it takes place in Spring Haven.
This is the setting.
The main characters, setting, and plot (continued).
Logan is the Candy maker's son and a contestant. The others think that he has an advantage to win the contest because of this. Philip is one of the contestants who is very strict and stern. His father owns a candy factory. He is the kid who at one of the annual tours threw a toy truck into the vat of chocolate which made Logan go get it and get burned. Miles is the fourth contestant of the contest. He is the one who becomes closest to Logan.
The main characters of this book are Logan, Daisy, Miles, Philip, and Max.
Determine if the story you read is 1st person point of view or 3rd person point of view. Explain how this affects the way the story is told. How would the story be different if the author used the other point of view.
"The Candy Makers" is told in 3rd person point of view. This affects the way the story is told because if it was told in 1st person, there would be more details. The story would be different if it was told in 1st person point of view because it would be someone telling their own story.
This is the point of view.
This is a Venn Diagram, another way to organize compare and contrast information.
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