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Leavitt HR Solutions - How to Sell PEO

A guide to selling PEO for your clients

Rebecca Houlihan

on 17 November 2010

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Transcript of Leavitt HR Solutions - How to Sell PEO

Co-Employment What is a PEO? The 4 Departments What is the investment? The Sales Process Yes...teach them how they can Outsource your Back-office
with Standard Services Include:

MyPayroll Department
MyRiskMitigation Department
MyBenefits Department
MyHR Department
-Web Time Entry – Payroll Submission
-Electronic Pay Stubs
-Electronically Delivered Reports
-New Hire Paperwork on the Web
-Web Time Clock (if applicable)

-2 week Implementation*
-Bi-weekly Payroll
-Tuesday Payroll Submission
-Friday Payday
-ACH Payment Setup
-Direct Deposit for all Employees Why CoAdvantage? WELCOME! Desire Reality Is there
A Solution
for them? 1. We found that EMPLOYEES would like to manage
HR, Payroll, and Benefits data from a single source

2. We found EMPLOYERS struggling at managing
back-office HR and being frustrated by all the time
and energy associated with managing vendors and
handling routine tasks...instead of growing their business

3. We also found a SOLUTION Leavitt HR Solutions
is powered by CoAdvantage Why did Leavitt choose an HR Outsourcing Partner? THE 3 FINDINGS Access to a team of compliance experts for Unemployment Claims, Workers’ Compensation claims, HR Compliance, Benefit Plan Compliance, and Payroll Tax Compliance
Capped Exposure for Workers’ Compensation Claims Risk
Protection under EPLI Policy
Volume Discounted Pricing for Drug/Background Check Services BUYING MOTIVATIONS Back-Office Relief for Benefit Plan Administration
Access to a solid 401k product without complex setup, plan testing, or audit fees
Regulatory Expertise in a very complex area for Employer
Pre-Integrated Plans into Payroll Deductions & HR Management System Real-Time HR Portal for Employer & Employees
Increase Efficiency of Back-Office
Employee Time capture Automation
Extensive Disaster Recovery Protocols to Protect data
Regulatory Compliance
In Depth Reporting for a Strategic view of HR data Performance Management & Measurement Tools
Employee Satisfaction & Retention
Access to a certified HR Expert to help navigate tricky HR Issues
Reduced Liability
Access to pre-written policies & procedures BUYING MOTIVATIONS BUYING MOTIVATIONS BUYING MOTIVATIONS For more of this And much less of this How to Sell PEO Sales Process Overview The Administrative Fee shown above assumes participation in and agreement to use all of the services listed above in the section “Paperless HR Processing” and “Setup & Payment”. Variations in these services may result in a change to the Administrative fee shown. Below is a schedule of standard adjustments to the Administrative Fee (PEPM) for required variations in the service deliverable: *Implementation times depend upon client data being received in a timely fashion once requested and do not account for service offering exceptions that may extend the standard timeframe. +$2 +$1 +$1 +$1 -$5 Standard Variations to Administrative Fee The Admin Fee is shown on a Per Employee Per month basis and varies based on the total # of Employees Better Together 401K ADMINISTRATION LIFE EVENT PROCESSING TRACKING ELIGIBILITY ANNUAL ENROLLMENT MANAGEMENT COBRA MANAGEMENT REGULATORY EXPERTISE PlanSource SECTION 125 CAFETERIA PLAN FSA / HSA MANAGEMENT HIPPA / ERISA COMPLIANCE HR DOCUMENTS & ARTICLES HR BEST PRACTICES HR POLICY DEVELOPMENT KNOWLEGABLE HR CONSULTANTS EMPLOYEE ASSESSMENTS CURRENT HR LEGISLATION NEWS HR RESOURCES & ACTION FORMS EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKS ASSET TRACKING EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM (EAP) WORKERS’ COMP: Coverage UNEMPLOYMENT CLAIMS MGMT WORKERS’ COMP: Renewal Mgmt DRUG AND BACKGROUND CHECKS* WORKERS’ COMP: Claims Mgmt EPLI INSURANCE COVERAGE SAFETY AND LOSS CONTROL PAYROLL TAX COMPLIANCE HR COMPLIANCE BENEFIT PLAN ADMINISTRATION PAPERLESS HR PROCESSING
-Web Time Entry – Payroll Submission
-Electronic Pay Stubs
-Electronically Delivered Reports
-New Hire Paperwork on the Web
-Web Time Clock SETUP & PAYMENT
-2 week Implementation*
-Bi-weekly Payroll
-Tuesday Payroll Submission / Friday Payday
-ACH Payment Setup
-Direct Deposit for all Employees PAYROLL

-Online HR Management
-Custom Reporting
-Payroll Processing
-W-2 Processing
-Payroll Tax Filing
-Custom Workflow RISK MITIGATION

-Workers’ Comp
Claims Management
Renewal Management
-Unemployment Claims
-EPLI Coverage
-Drug/Background Checks HUMAN RESOURCES

-Employee Handbooks
-HR Best Practices
-Performance Reviews
-HR Web Tools

-Call Center
-Compliance Expertise
-Benefit Plan Administration
-Online Enrollment
-401k Plan & Plan Admin
-Annual Enrollment Mgmt Ultipro HR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM NEW HIRE PROCESSING ON WEB CHECK & DDA DISTRIBUTION PAYROLL PROCESSING PTO POLICY ADMINISTRATION W-2 PROCESSING CUSTOM REPORTING PAYROLL TAX FILING GARNISHMENT PROCESSING EMPLOYEE DATA MANAGEMENT *Implementation times depend upon client data being received in a timely fashion once requested and do not account for service offering exceptions that may extend the standard timeframe. PEO Services Summary THE END
THANKS FOR YOUR TIME If your clients are like most small business, they desire to be out selling their products or making them better, but they are stuck in the mire of all the administrative headaches that make them slower than their competitors. The PEO
takes over this So your clients can't focus more on this The PEO essentially becomes the
HR Department, Payroll Department,
Risk Mitigation Department, and Benefits
Department for the client company PEO's operate the way they do based on the legal structure called co-employment.
As co-employers with their client companies, PEOs contractually assume substantial employer rights, responsibilities, and risk through the establishment and maintenance of an employer relationship with the workers assigned to its clients. More specifically, a PEO establishes a contractual relationship with its clients whereby the PEO:

Co-employs workers at client locations, and thereby assumes responsibility as an employer for specified purposes of the workers assigned to the client locations.
Reserves a right of direction and control of the employees.
Shares or allocates with the client employer responsibilities in a manner consistent with maintaining the client's responsibility for its product or service.
Pays wages and employment taxes of the employee out of its own accounts.
Reports, collects and deposits employment taxes with state and federal authorities.
Establishes and maintains an employment relationship with its employees that is intended to be long term and not temporary.
Retains a right to hire, reassign and fire the employees. These are the Standard services that come with the Leavitt HR Solutions product Using a PEO is like
hiring your own set of
departments to manage
your back-office HR....let's look at these departments and what they do in more detail..... The standard admin fee will
change if the client requests a modification
to the "standard" set of services. These amounts
either increase or decrease the PEPM Admin Fee. The Sales Process – A Quick Overview
1.Market PEO Services to your client using our wealth of marketing materials (Emails, custom flyers, videos, etc)

2.First Meeting
a.Log into our quoting tool and enter very basic info about the group to get a preliminary
proposal to take on your first meeting.

b.Click on “Presentations” and choose the presentation for the group you are presenting to
based on size. We give you the option of Powerpoint or a new presentation tool that has an
extra “wow” factor. We even provide a Script to help walk you through this meeting.

3.Begin Data Collection & Set meeting for Final Proposal
a.Assuming the group is excited to take the next steps. Have them provide to us information
on their payroll and workers comp you need to get a full quote. Get these forms here.
b.Go back to the quoting tool and click on the prospects name (assuming you completed step
2a above. If you didn’t use the quoting tool for the first meeting, click on “New PEO Quote”
and walk thru the steps)
c.Once you get to the “Final Quote” screen and have reviewed the info for accuracy, click
“Submit to Underwriting” to submit your data to Coadvantage for review and final pricing
d.Within 72 hours of all required data being submitted, you will receive an email indicating that
your final proposal is ready for review. If the underwriters have any questions or if data is
missing they will reach out to you to request those elements.

4.Final Meeting
a.In this meeting, you will basically walk through the final proposal document and pricing.
b.If you need assistance from your Agency manage, click here to get there contact info. They
can help in closing the sale and providing you with answers to questions about the products
you are presenting.

a.When you are ready for a contract to be signed, simply let your Agency Manager know, and
they will have a contract to you as soon as possible.

a.Once the contract is signed, we will setup an initial call with the client within 48 hours of
signing and introduce the client to their implementation specialist.
b.The standard implementation timeframe is 3 weeks and varies based on client response time
to data requests and integration requirements associated with non-PEO master benefit plans. MyPayroll Department MyBenefits Department MyRisk Mitigation Department MyHuman Resources Department STARTING THIS BUSINESS WAS YOUR DREAM Enjoy the View
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