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Parenting Styles Presentation

AP Psychology Project

Emily Lara

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Parenting Styles Presentation

Effects of different Parenting Styles By: Cari Graybill
Scarlett Sanchez
Emily Lara Authoritarian Parenting This type of parenting is kind of kind of meet me halfway
Both parents and children treat each other with respect
The parents have rules and limits but listen to the child's point of view and what they have to say
Children grow up with more confidence and higher self-esteem Authoritative Parenting Many people believe this is the best type of parenting style
Parents support and encourage kids dreams
Talks out arguments and conflicts
Do what they do for the child's best and not for selfish needs Authoritative Cont. Permissivie Parenting Cont. These parents create very strict rules for their children and expect them to follow them at all times.
Failure to follow these rules will result in punishment.
Unlike authoritarian parents, they do not provide an explanation for their rules.
Provide little to no warmth to their children. Authoritarian Parenting Cont. As an effect of authoritarian parenting...
Children are aggressive when parents are not present.
Not very happy at times
Child learns to not question authority.
Low self esteem
Obedient Permissive Parenting This kind of parenting style allows for the kids to do as they please without restrictions.
Have it their way
Parents support all their actions whether right or wrong.
Result in self-centered kids, less independent and responsible yet, they very social kids with high self-esteem This short scene from “Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory’ (1971) is an example of a Permissive parent.
The father in this video of Veruca does all in his power to make his daughter happy no matter to what extent. The father demonstrates anxiety throughout the scene and does as he is told as if he were a puppet and his daughter the ventriloquist.
Every time she demands for him to do something without hesitation he does the task. He also, in some cases, begs his daughter to give him time as if he were in a ‘life-or-death’ situation. Parenting Styles During the 1960's, Psychologist Diana Baumrind conducted a study amongst 100 pre-school children..
She also used naturalistic observation, interviews with parents and other research methods which led her to the discovery of these 4 parenting styles:
• Authoritarian
• Authoritative
• Permissive
- All for which parents are all put into
a separate category depending on
their parenting characteristics. Permissive Cont. • Highly flexible parents
• Usually lack of input from parent and child is
usually the decision maker
• These kind of parents tend to be very overprotective which limits a child in their growth
• Afraid of having a conflict with their child so try everything I their power to make them happy in any way
• “Yes” Parents
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