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Let's Get Ethical

No description

Cody Mason

on 19 March 2014

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Transcript of Let's Get Ethical

Ed Hums Named CEO of Norfolk Southern
Dan Bechtel
Brad Lenke
Lance should stay honest and tell Tab Kapp that not providing accurate information is unethical and against company values.
by Cody Mason, Brad Lenke, Nicky Baratti, and Dan Bechtel
Summary of the Case
In addition...
Lance Prating is the controller of a manufacturing company and created a preliminary draft of a cost control report just before Christmas. His results are mostly unfavorable and another new bill will make the industrial engineering unfavorable instead of favorable. His colleague Tab Kapp urges him to ask the engineering firm to push back the billing date to the next year. What should Lance, as an ethical manager, do?
Lance should tell Tab that unfavorable results do not necessarily mean bad results. He should insist that Tab communicate this to upper management and convince them that the unfavorable results were from producing higher quality goods or due to a freak accident of not being able to fix a machine. Also, perhaps they can work on better and more realistic budgeting for next year.
Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Cody Mason
Ethics at Colorado Springs
Nicky Baratti
In summation
Losing your integrity for a short term solution can hurt you more in the long run by losing your reputation as a firm. Managers must remain honest and forthright in circumstances like this in order to promote fair and ethical business practices. Decisions like this, even when it is difficult to go against your boss's orders, must be made in order to help serve a the well-being of your company, its stakeholders, and the community in the long run.
Let's Get Ethical
Ethics and the Manager
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