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Trip to Hawii

No description

quincy murphy

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Trip to Hawii

My first time ever surfing!
Trip to Hawaii
*the feel of the water and the the way the mist of the waves hit your face is like a dream.
*the sight of blue everywhere.
*the way the water get on your board the wind rushs by you.
The Rush
*the sound of the waves by your ear.
*I got up my first time.
*It was crazy how easy it was.
My Trip
my trip learning how to surf was a life changing experience! And i would do it again.
*we were there for thankgiving.
*and I loved all there things they did.
Hang Loose Bra!!
My family and I stayed in hawii and had thanksgiving there it was so much fun!
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